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Goodies for OOT bags!

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Hi ablj209,


Where did you find your Johnson and Johnson survival kit?

Originally Posted by ablj209 View Post

Hey Ladies (and gents)!


I purchased too many goodies for my OOT bags and now have some stuff for sale! 


25 Travel Mugs SOLD

10 Survival Kits (Johnson & Johnson) with "Wedding Week Survival Kit" sticker attached SOLD

20 Stickers for Survival Kits SOLD

10 Key/Tip Holders with assorted colour wristlets and whistles SOLD

200 Business cards for key/tip holders  $1.00

15 Flip Flop playing cards SOLD


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@Lindsay22 - I ordered my Johnson & Johnson kits from Ebay.   I was able to buy in bulk and even with shipping, I got a better deal than the $1.50 each that Walmart was selling them for.  The kits only come with bandaids and guaze, all the extra "meds" were purchased from Walmart & Dollarama.

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