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Cheap Caribbean Voucher

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Hi ladies! 


Hope I'm posting this correctly! I have a Cheap Caribbean voucher that I have to sell. You would have to book by March 1, but travel is good for whenever. You can go on the website (cheapcaribbean.com) and browse the deals and trip packages. You have to book the hotel through them, but if you want to do your flights separately, that's fine. 


My cousins and I had to cancel a trip and ended up with a voucher. We initially only booked our hotel stay with them, so the amount of the voucher is only about $840.00 USD. A voucher split between 4 girls isn't getting us very far! So instead, we're trying to sell it and get some money back. We are willing to take the highest offer. 


If I could just use it for myself, I would! If I had the money and could afford to pay off the girls and use it, I would! Unfortunately, I can't. :( So, if you're interested, feel free to send me a private message. I will update the thread if/when it's no longer available. 


Thanks, ladies!!! 

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