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Bachelorette Party and Shower Vent!!!!!

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Originally Posted by MoBride View Post
Thanks girls! You really made me feel better.I'm sure everything will turn out great and we will have fun. I was just so surprised there was drama because I tried to keep everything so simple.
I have been to elaborate and expensive bachelorette parties that cost $75.00 for the party bus and $20.00 to get into the club and $10.00 a drink. I have also ended up alone in Atlantic City's ER after someone put GHb in my drink and I collapsed and no one knew where I was so they took the party bus back home!!!I just want my friends to join me at No Shower Happy Hour (they call it that because people go right from the beach but I will be showered for my B Party!). No cover before 9, $1.00 bottles and $2.00 lemonades with vodka! What could be better than that?smile29.gif
that's awesome!!! I really hope you have a great time...

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