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Wedding at Le Kliff

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#1 sbdesignwestmgt

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    Posted 24 January 2011 - 12:00 PM


    We cannot express how wonderful our entire experience has been with Le Kliff and Carlos!!! I will be spending several hours hitting every review website to be sure and pass on how great it was to anyone who will listen!


    On Nov 12th 2010 My husband and I got married at Le Kliff and it was absolutely amazing!!!! Any Bride still in the planning stages and thinking Puerto Vallarta would be a fool to have it anywhere but Le Kliff!! Again Amazing!!


    I had been to Le Kliff once before on a visit with friends years before and thought it was breathtaking. So when we decided on PV for a destination wedding. I Knew right off that this place would be ideal. But all the same I did my research and was disappointed to find very little information out there from other brides. (even more reason I want to post – You will not be disappointed and you should know this if you are thinking about Le Kliff!) It is hard to plan from afar and my husband had only my word and some pictures – and as beautiful as they are it does nothing for what its like to be there!!


    So my husband trusted me and we booked Le Kliff a year and a half before our intended date Nov 11th 2010 – yes that is not the date you see above – but more on that later. Carlos was AMAZING to work with – so much so that I began to get nervous thinking “this is all to easy... something is not right “ So I constantly checked in with him and he Instantaneously it seemed responded to each email with kind, clear, detailed responses. Trust me in all my dealings with PV and planning I have had some not so perfect interactions that resulted in messy stressful unhappy bride moments on our 2 week destination with family and friends! But not with Carlos. He has a calm happy sincere way about him. He actually wants you to have a wonderful experience. No need for a wedding planner – unless you are planning on overboard (I would not recommend here as it would take away from the beauty that Le Kliff already is – All you need at this location is a bride, groom, and family. Really the rest is already there and Carlos makes sure you are set and has it done in one email. Simple. Beautiful. Stress free. And the most Amazing memory of my life. And I can come back to the exact place to the same beauty any day in the future.


    Then the unthinkable happens! The morning of my wedding I am sick. Really sick. I try my hardest to make it to the wedding as this is the biggest day of my life. But on the way with my maid of honor it is clear I am not going o make it and we have the cab driver take me to the nearest hospital. Now keep in mind being from the US communication via cell phone or even land line is nearly impossible especially when your whole party including your finance are on there way to Le Kliff. My Maid of honor gets in touch with My finance finally as I lay crying in a hospital bed, smashing my hair, ruining my makeup, and getting set with an IV. My Husband gets to Le Kliff and finds Carlos who has been waiting for some time for me to arrive at the bridal Suite. He explains how I am at the hospital and before he can even finish Carlos rushes away and comes back and says with pure confidence and ease– “Well lets just have it tomorrow” -- So he and my husband coordinate with the minister, photographer, and figure how we can make this work tomorrow instead. As I write this I have tears because as you can imagine I am more than broken at the hospital knowing that I will not have the wedding of my dreams. And no more than 20 min later while I still have antibiotics dripping in my Iv my husband calls the hospital and tells my maid of honor that everything is OK and to tell me to stop worrying because he knows I am – that thanks to Carlos EVERYTHING has been re booked for tomorrow and that he would be at the hospital shortly.


    Now keep in mind this is not normally a possible outcome for such a situation because normally the next day would have been booked and only by chance (or destiny) had the bride called a month before to postpone a year, the wedding that was booked for Nov 12th. But had that been filled I know that Carlos would have come up with some other solution whether we had to get married as the sun came up he would have made it happen with such calm and happiness that it would have been the most wonderful experience NO MATTER WHAT!


    I cannot express to you how beautiful the property was, How genuine the staff was, How much of wonderful time my guests had, how WOWED they were by EVERYTHING!


    I still wake up every day and think I cannot believe that was my wedding. That Really was MY WEDDING! It could not have been more Perfect! More Beautiful. More Surreal!! I would not change a thing! Not even my hospital visit. Destiny wanted my wedding to be Nov 12th not Nov 11th and I am so overjoyed with the outcome of it all!! I cannot wait to spend my anniversaries in Puerto Vallarta and visiting Le Kliff and Carlos to share romantic memories again and again!

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      Posted 24 January 2011 - 02:20 PM

      Wow, what a review, thank you so much for sharing that!!!  We are getting married at Le Kliff on February 23rd and I'm so happy to hear that your experience was so amazing...!!!  Yes, Carlos has been wonderful to work with and is an obvious professional at what he does....I too will be posting "reviews" for other potential brides to read after our big day.  We are so looking forward to it all, getting sick would be the ultimate "low", how fortunate you were to be able to do it the next day.....you have good Karma...!!!!  Thanks again for sharing, is there anywhere we can look at some photos???? 


      #3 gowiththeflow

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        Posted 29 January 2011 - 05:50 PM

        that is just amazing! I am so happy to hear that everything worked out. Your really MUST have great karma! Were you able to have a dancing reception here as well? I just emailed Carlos for more details. There is not much on this website about Le Kliff weddings. Congrats!

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          Posted 29 January 2011 - 09:34 PM

          So happy that everything worked out!! Did you have a rehersal at all?

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            Posted 08 February 2011 - 08:37 AM

            Hi Ladies! I also got married at Le Kliff and there is a different link to some review on it. Here it is:





            I believe Kball21 and I has discussed Le Kliff in the past. It was an awesome place to get married and I don't regret it at all!

            In fact, I have wonderful memories and I can thank Carlos for that. He'll include all the basic decor but if you want to punch

            it ip a little (like I wanted to), I paid extra for the hot pink swagg on the ceremony site, and I hauled some of the linens (like napkisn and

            fuschia tablecovers) from here in NY.  I added some new pixs to give you guys a better idea. Thanks!

            #6 sbdesignwestmgt

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              Posted 10 February 2011 - 11:32 AM

              Here is some more info I responded to in a PM  - also PM me if you want to see some pics - you can friend me on facebook Shay Boden they are all there - And I tried to reccomend Karla Benitez as the most awesome photographer but my post was removed - I need to set up for her a vendor but I dont have time to try nd get her logo etc -- I just wanted to say she was awesome and I have a great review if anyone is intrested PM me - and you can see her work via my photos Her trash the dress ROCKED - I cannot believe this was my wedding.



              At what time was your ceremony? - We had our ceremony at around 2 - that was perfect because it was nice and sunny (a bit to warm) but that allowed us to have nice weather for dinner and then lending to sunset while we ate and started to cake/toast/dance etc - this also allowed our older guests to tie it up earlier and head back to the hotel and for those of us who liked to really party carry the evening on into the night in town


              How long was the reception? Geeze - I want to say starting around 2 and ending around 8ish by the time all was said and done - I think - Time was such a non necessity its kind of hard to remember exactly


              Did you have the entire restaurant to yourself or a section of it for your reception? If you had a section reserved for your reception, did you experience any problems with the reception not being private? - Have you seen pics? The restaurant is tiered and your dinner is set on the lowest tier waterside, the next tier up had the cake table, speakers /dance floor/ guest book tables/mingle style tall standing tables you might gather to set your drinks as you mingled. the next level is open area leading to the bar where many mingled around as well so basically you have the whole expanse to yourselves - then off to the one side is another drop down section that that is a separate tier not at all feeling intrusive to your area that is seated with tables for lunch or dinner - it is open air so you dont really hear them - they can see your ceremony and reception and may watch enthused and excited - I never noticed their presence other than once you might cross paths with someone who wishes you congrats and says it is all so beautiful.


              How many people attended? 30 people came to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate with me!! That was perfect! Any more and coordinating everyones time may have been a bit hectic as there were a few moments that were hectic as it was already but it was JUST right all in all! I never really felt to stretched thin!


              What were your flowers like? I ordered fake flowers from a boquet maker on Ebay for $99 for all my boquets, boutioneers and centerpieces - They Were Beautiful!! You chose your color and she would send you a sample - Mine were red roses and white lillies. This way I figured I would not have to try and figure out flowers in another country and worry about coordination day of etc .. But Carlos can order them for you and the flowers that came with my arch included by Carlos were beautiful so I am sure my boquets would have been just fine and hassle free. But for $99 I had Beautiful flowers, I brought them in a suitcase and figured I could use that suitcase for the things I would end up bringing back from my trip.


              How was the reception area decorated? No decoration necessary - My tables were white and I just put a few of my boquets on the tables/guest tables .. thats all The setting is beautiful enough so I kept trying to keep myself on budget by not getting caught up on insignifigant details that will only waste money and not have that great of an impact on the celebration as a whole - Really it was so beautiful that it was not necessary to do any more!!!!


              How as the ceremony area decorated? - Just the chairs and flowered arch - my husband and I - the officiant and a table with sand in vases to combine into one - we saved our sand and I am having it put into a glass frame to put a wedding picture in


              Who did you hair and makeup? My girlfriend did my makeup there on site in the bridal suite - My hair was done at the Sheraton the morning of - My stylist did an awesome job!!!! In fact she did it 3 times  - Once the day of my original wedding which did not happen - the next day for my (retry) wedding date - and also for my trash the dress wedding session. I LOVE HER!!!! SHE WAS GREAT


              Where did your guests stay? Sheraton -- This was chosen because of it proximity to town! It had everything we needed and my guests could walk into town to eat, go to the beach, explore, and party at night - and even if they chose to cab it was only a few dollars at most.  This also allowed for guests to have designated meet times for big things and be able to do as they pleased at their own schedule and pace the rest of the time without being to far from the group or having to dedicate a lot of time. The hotel also offered the resort on the beach atmosphere  with some great pools. (We have stayed at the Westin before and that was fantastic but a ways out of town) We did not do all inclusive resorts because having been to Mexico a few times we enjoy eating out and find it to be less expensive route for better quality food!!!! Not to mention you are usually not at your hotel many of the times you are hungry. Non inclusive also lead to less up front prebooking costs lending to less "I would love to go but its just to expensive to book" attitude. I will say if you stay at the Sheraton you can set up a wedding block to get better rates which get you and your groom extra benefits - also BE SURE to let your coordinator know that you want NON_SMOKING rooms in advance - they do not differentiate when booking - so once we arrived a few days before our guests we were placed in a smoking room and it was unbearable!!!! We had to be moved and then only to find out over half my guests were in these same rooms (VERY BAD SMELL!!!! SOAKED INTO EVERYTHING!! I smoke but not in my house and this is exactly why - it was aweful) So you can imagine how hard it was to try and get all  my guests reassigned rooms when the place was 90% booked -  we had to downgrade rooms and get extras elsewhere to make up for it - I was told it is not there policy to differenciate unless asked specifically for non smoking --ASK! DIFFRENTIATE AHEAD OF TIME! I would stay here again!


              What was the music like? We burned a CD with our own favorites and it was played over the sound system. Saved $500-several thousand this way depending on what you might go with. And we danced just as much as we would have if someone was DJing the same music - Who even notices the DJ - they only notice the songs. We had 2 other CDS separate which had on 1 our procession songs and on the other CD our first dance songs -- this way we did not have to try and time where at we were on the CD -- when It came time to do our first dance we just let Carlos know and he started the CD  - and when we were done with our dances he started back up the other CD - so in essence Carlos was my DJ - And I got all the songs I wanted at the time I wanted them!!

               Did you have a DJ and a MC? As far as MC - Maid of honor and Best man kept our timeline simply by feeling the vibe of the party and deciding to do things - then announcing them  - They would let Carlos know they were ready to something and then he would slowly fade out the music and over the mic they would do speeches for example.


              And please include any information that you wished you knew when you got married in PV but didn't know at the time.

              The taxis are tracked by your hotel  - So if you leave something behind they can track it down for you -

              Pepes!!! Ask for Pepes taco place - Any taxi cab can take you there! It is a must  - casual very casual - great for afternoon after walking around or after the clubs as they are open till 6 or 7 am and packed late night!!

              We got married in the US first - much easier that way!! Now the only thing is my husband is concerned which one he is on the hook for remembering -- just kidding we joke now he has 2 dates if he forgets one at least he has 1 more to get it right.

              Carlos is awesome - trust him

              Karla Benitez was my photographer and she was AWESOME _ did a trash the dress session - A MUST!!!!!! your in Puerto vallarta for gods sake

              #7 Mandy Canada

              Mandy Canada
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                Posted 22 February 2011 - 08:48 AM

                I am having my rehersal/night before the wedding dinner at Le Kliff. We are coming all the way from Nuevo Vallarta/Bucerias. Can anyone let me know how far it is, or how many minutes the drive is?

                #8 Photoshootsvallarta

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                  Posted 22 February 2011 - 04:56 PM

                  Hello Mandy,


                  The drive from Bucerias to the Kliff is at least one hour since the Kliff is all the way down to Boca de Tomatlan.

                  #9 Mandy Canada

                  Mandy Canada
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                    Posted 26 February 2011 - 10:59 AM

                    Originally Posted by Photoshootsvallarta 

                    Hello Mandy,


                    The drive from Bucerias to the Kliff is at least one hour since the Kliff is all the way down to Boca de Tomatlan.

                    Okay thanks, we have around 35 people going so we are going to try and rent a charter/ bus!

                    #10 Photoshootsvallarta

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                      Posted 28 February 2011 - 10:52 AM

                      Hello Mandy,


                      My friends Familly owns four buses, they do tours. I have asked him and he told me that they do groups also, they can take you to the Kliff, wait for you there and bring you back. They are based in La Cruz, 5 minutes north of Bucerias. Would you like me to ask them how much it would cost?

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