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Can anyone help me with PhotoShop please????

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Hello brides!

I am trying to make my own DIY STD Postcards, but as I don't know photoshop I just did it in PowerPoint and saved it as a jpeg, but when uploading to VistaPrint the resolution isn't good enough and the size is wrong.

I did get a copy of PhotoShop but quite honestly I haven't a clue how to use it. Would any of you lovely ladies be willing to tell me how I can get the below look in PhotoShop :



Save The Date_2.jpg




Or if anyone thinks they could whip this up really quick I could email you the font and the 3 pictures. Any help at all would be so appreciated.




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I wish it was easy enough to type up directions but it is not. It is complicated program. I have a lot of experience with it but I am still NOT expert and have much to learn.  I wish I could help you too back we don;t live closer together. very cute save the dates by the way.

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Okay, I have photoshop elements but they are pretty similar so hopefully, these basic instructions should work for you:


1. Open Photoshop, go to File: New, Blank File: input the size dimensions that you want your printout to be, keep it at 300 pixels per inch

and press ok.

2. Now your blank sheet is created. You should see a toolbar on the left with all of your editing tools. Click on the color square (should be the bottom of the editing tool menu on the left) to select the color black and then press ok.

3. Click on the "paint bucket tool" in the editing toolbar on the left (it looks like the top of a paintcan); then click on your blank sheet. This should fill in your sheet with the black background that you have in your sample.

4. To add your photos to the image, just copy and paste each photo onto your sheet. You can resize them and place them where you like once they are pasted in. 

5. To add your text, click on the "Type" tool which just looks like a T. Then click on the image where you'd like to place your text and begin typing. You can change the font and color during this time. Another option is just to copy and paste your text from the word or excel file that you made. 

6. Once you have all the elements (photo, text) where you like them, go to the Layer menu (at the top of the program) and select "Flatten image." Flattening the image will give you the ability to save the file as a jpeg or gif format. 

7. Finally, save your image.


Hopefullly those instructions work. You can pm me if you have questions. I'm pretty good at photoshop and your design is fairly basic so it shouldn't be very difficult. 


Good Luck!

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