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Our invites... a labour of love! We sent these out on the first of November and Iâ€ve been meaning to post this for ages but it was a combination of laziness and the craziness of the holidays! Anyway some you may remember from my save the dates (http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/63007/sunkisseddreams-diy-boarding-pass-save-the-dates) that I swore Iâ€d enlist in some help. Well Iâ€ve come to realize Iâ€m a bit of control freak so it was probably for the best that I only let the FI assist! I donâ€t actually have a template for the pocket folds. It was mostly trial and error and I created the design in Photoshop. FI picked the quote for the envelope liner (he was so proud of himself... so cute!). The entire invite cost including postage and materials (I already own the supplies):  approximately $265.00/75 or $3.53/invite!




Hong Kong Cardstock (8.5x11) – The Paper Poet

Grasshopper Cardstock (8.5x11) – The Paper Poet

White Cardstock (8.5x11) – Michaels

Velcro - Michaels

Ribbon – Paper Poet

Envelopes – Paper Poet



Paper cutter, 2†round punch, glue stick, double sided adhesive, bone, scissors, & ruler. 






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Thank you!


I used 1 sheet per invite. I made this diagram for you... I hope helps!

Good luck :)


pocketfold dimensions.jpg

Originally Posted by erindegagne View Post

These are amazing! love the design, do you know the dimensions of each fold? did you just use one sheet of the cardstock for each invite?

thanks for your help :)


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Your pocket fold invites are fantastic! I totally want to do something like that, I will have to invite my *crafty* friends over to help me!



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