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I just finished my boarding pass invites and surprisingly I found these to be a lot easier than the passport STD's I made.  I'm pretty happy with the way they have turned out.  I perforated the RSVP portion using a sewing machine, so my guests can tear it off and stick it in a ready made envelope. 


Supplies: metallic cardstock and envelopes from http://paperandmore.com/

scoring board

double sided tape1/8 inch eyelets and setting tools

fiskars paper cutter

round punch

sand dollar punch

personalized address stamp form etsy






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Those look fantastic!!!  I was planning to try and make them myself so that's so nice to know that you didn't have too many problems!!!  Couple of questions:


What size envelope/pocket did you get to hold the boarding pass?

Did you buy a rounded corner stamp to make the corners on the passes?


Thanks for the post, those look awesome!

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I created them in photoshop to begin with and then finished them in illustrator. Initial design was a little time consuming since I didn't have a template to go off of but I used an old boarding pass of my own for size.  Not sure if you have either program though but if you do let me know.

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