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start getting one NOW! i posted some info under the announcement section. There will be a huge crunch at the around the end of the year to spring with people that did not know they had to get passports.


there is no reason not to get it sooner and check it off your list.

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Originally Posted by TOESNTHESND View Post
Does anyone know how early to get a passport?
It usually takes a few weeks to get it, but I don't think it's ever too early. I know there are ways to get it fast if you have to, but I wouldn't save it until the last minute.
I travelled to mexico last week using my birth certificate and driver's licence. I'd done it a couple times before- no big deal. Well, it turns into a HUGE deal when you lose your birth certificate in the airport!!! Talk about a nightmare! It's like 4:30am and our flight leaves at 6 and we don't have time to get home and back. Thankfully they told me I could travel using my voter registration card that by some miricle I happened to have in my wallet. However, when I got to Mexico, they weren't going to let me in. I had to convinve the guy that they let me on the plane in Detroit with the voter card and he made a big deal about it and asked me why I didn't have a passport yet, and chewed me up and down for traveling without my birth certificate, much less a passport.
Anyway- the long and short of it is, I'll now be getting my passport ASAP!

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