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Post your photography package and photographer here for Maui Brides

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MeewMeew Studios is a very talented husband/wife team.  They take fabulous photos and the albums they make are AMAZING!  Their rate is also very reasonable.






you can check out vedios of their albums by searching meewmeew on youtube.

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In the process of booking Anna Kim for a "The End of our Hawaiian Weddingmoon" shoot. We're scheduling the shoot for early morning on the day we leave Maui ... it will be the end of a 2 week trip, wedding, and honeymoon. We'll bring a couple outfits for different looks. My fiance and I got engaged in Maui (kind of kicking myself for not doing engagement photos on that trip!!) and we absolutely adore the island, so what better way to end our trip than with casual photos of us in our favorite place on Earth. Sooooo looking forward to working with Anna! She is pricey (to me) but her shots look amazing! I would have booked her for our wedding, but she was not available. I'll post photos when we return.


Only 24 more days and we're off to HAWAII TO GET MARRIED -- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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