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The Hard Rock Punta Cana

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#581 MelandEd Wed

MelandEd Wed
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    Posted 18 July 2012 - 06:55 PM

    Thanks for sharing m loves k!


    I recently confirmed my wedding for October 2013 and I am very excited to get things moving.  I obviously have plenty of time but I plan to get the save the dates, travel agent arrangements and invitation in order in the mean time.


    How did you arrange the accomodations for your guests, through Wedding Coordinators in Miami or through a travel agent?  Also, would you mind sharing your photos of the ceremony and reception set up?  I am interested in seeing their work.  My email is mrodriguez610@yahoo.com.


    Thanks in advance!  Take care :)



    #582 mlos29

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      Posted 19 July 2012 - 04:23 PM

      Hi All,


      I am planning on having my wedding at the Hard Rock in August 2013.  I keep hearing mixed reviews on how the weather is in August.  Although I 've been there in August several times it's been a few years and I just don't want to take any chances. Anyone have any feedback???


      I'm hearing hurricane season is from June 1-Nov 1 which is a pretty long stretch ya know....

      #583 mlos29

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        Posted 19 July 2012 - 04:31 PM

        Hi There


        I am planning my wedding for August 2013 and I see you had yours in august as well in 11'....How was the weather?? Any problems with hurricanes?? People are just making me nervous!

        #584 KLPhoto

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          Posted 20 July 2012 - 05:48 AM

          fire dancers sounds amazing and well worth it for memorable photos!

          #585 VTproductions

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            Posted 21 July 2012 - 08:37 AM

            Hi Girls,


            Doing Destinations Weddings can be fun but exhausting at the same time.

            It's so nice to have it in the beach or in a garden with the ocean view that an Hotel

            can provide, but sometimes this Hotels can be very expensive for your Dream Day.


            We are VT Event Productions, we specialize in Destination Weddings from all around the 

            world to the Dominican Republic. Knowing every aspects of all the Hotels in the Dominican

            Republic we can help you for sure!. Most of our work are made in the Hard Rock

            Hotel Punta Cana.


            If you need help getting everything done for your Dream Day let us know and we will be

            so excited to help you.


            Best Regards,


            Valerie Torrens


            VT Event Productions

            Dominican Republic



            Facebook: VT Productions

            #586 m loves k

            m loves k
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              Posted 22 July 2012 - 07:38 PM

              We used the standard included photographer supplied by the HR, Smile Market. We were happy with the pictures, especially because it was SO WINDY that day!!! I was afraid the photos would be ruined with my hair blowing from the strong wind, but they managed to make it work. They had a set agenda that they probably did for every wedding, your input was not really included. It was very quick and I was surprised by all of the shots they got in such a short time. Some pictures were color, some black and white and had a dreamy quality to them. They took about 150 and showed us about 110. We chose 50.


              We upgraded the basic book included package for the more upgraded photo book, which we love, it was worth the few hundred extra (and it was mailed very quickly) My husband's best man is a professional photographer, so he did the rest after the actual ceremony.


              I think Smile Market is a good standard choice, but we chose it because we had our own back up, personal photographer who shot post, and pre wedding. Smile Market does a nice job, but you do not speak with the photographer before the ceremony and it is kind of a whirlwind. There is not time to discuss shots you want. They do cover most bases, but expect to only get ceremony shots and a short session on the beach afterward. We were happily shocked afterward, that the 15 min they spent shooting after the ceremony shooting photos looked like an hour worth of shots. They pack in the photo opps and you are done, and off to your reception. The knew what worked for every wedding and stayed with that. All in all we thought it was a good option.  I included a few photos below.


              MelandEd Wed, I will email you some photos of the actual  ceremony and reception, but it is the old collection, since I had to change in the last min, because the elegant ivory had not arrived yet. Also, I arranged my guests accommodations through my travel agent, only because I knew some guests would appreciate being able to pay in installments, since the hotel is a bit expensive.







              #587 MelandEd Wed

              MelandEd Wed
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                Posted 24 July 2012 - 05:58 PM

                Thanks for sharing m and k, I look forward to the pics!


                BTW...the few in your post look fabulous!

                #588 LRDubbs

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                  Posted 25 July 2012 - 06:57 AM

                  Hi Ladies, I am ready to book at the Hard Rock, but I have a question. My cousin is actually a member of the Palace Resorts and is able to get discounted rooms. I am on the fence as to whether I should use her membership or just book through my travel agent. I am afraid that if I book through her membership that once there, me and my guests will be pressured to become members as well, take the time share tour that they say is an hour and NEVER an hour. I don't want to have to deal with that on my wedding day, or weekend. Also , I was reading that we would have to place the $ upfront to hold the rooms for our guests. We are expecting over 85 people to attend, so I am not sure that we are able to afford that right at this moment. It is a very attractive discount (app $180 a night cheaper) but I don't want the headache. Has anyone else booked through a membership before? Any thoughts? Pros- cons? Thanks in advance.

                  #589 LRDubbs

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                    Posted 26 July 2012 - 04:02 AM

                    Hi ladies, I just received a call from the wedding department who told me that my preferred times were taken. They gave me an option of 6pand 3p. I booked6 p but I am a little hesitant because if fear 6p will be too late. I wanted to take photos after the ceremony and I didn't want the reception to be the dark. Can anyone tell me from experience what time is sunset and their option on times. I would have really preferred 4 or 5 but they were all booked! I guess October19th is a popular day 😄😄 Cheers

                    #590 MelandEd Wed

                    MelandEd Wed
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                      Posted 26 July 2012 - 05:44 PM

                      Hi LRDubbs,


                      I am actually getting married on October 20th 2013 at 6pm!  I've always envisioned a sunset wedding on the beach.  Sunset in DR is usually about 6:15pm or so during this time of year according to my research ;)  I was actually going to do October 19th, but changed my mind to do it on a Sunday, in thoughts that it may be a more relaxed day for the resort in general.


                      Are you getting married this year or next year?


                      I think they will probably have good lighting in the reception venues outside but if you are concerned about a dark reception you may want to consider your reception in a ballroom indoors?!? What do you think about that??


                      Sorry I don't have any information on the Palace Resort membership maybe you should try posting your question on the other Hard Rock Forums on this site.


                      I am arranging the travel for my guest through Liberty Travel and so far so good!


                      Wishing you the best !



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