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RIU Palace Los Cabos - oot bags for guests who arrive early?

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Hi everyone! Hoping you can give me some advice, I can't ask my guests b/c this was supposed to be a surprise. We are doing oot bags for our February 2011 wedding but there has been a change to our Toronto guests schedule. Instead of everyone arriving on Monday there are going to be a handful of guests that arrive before us on the Saturday :( We had reviewed all possible solutions to arrive 2 days earlier to greet them but it's going to cost over $2,000 and our travel agent is unsure the resort will even know which room they'll be in prior to check-in. Would it be weird to arrange to have the oot bags to their rooms after we arrive I.e. 2 days late? 'Better late than never' or 'never late'...which is better???

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