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Originally Posted by RMBride2B View Post


Ginger said it right. I'm using a TA with "All About Honeymoons" and he will be concentrating more on just getting us good rates with the resort for our group and the travel.  Other than that, I'm going to be the one working directly with the WC from the resort on the actual wedding details. So, his services are free (other than the $250 we had to put down up front - which goes towards our stay). 


Blue Petal sounds like a good company to work with , but I would stay away from that LUXE one you mentioned (especially if they don't have good reviews).  I would say stick with one's with only good reviews and have good BBB ratings :)


Lots of good advice on this thread, but I wanted to point out something regarding the last part of this post. I don't know anything about LUXE, but when checking out a company online you DON'T want one that gets only good reviews. Travel is a tough industry, and often trouble with arise beyond the agency's control. Any company that has been doing business for a while will have at least one disgruntled customer, even if it is by no fault of the company. What you want (travel agencies or other services/sellers) is a company that has A LOT of reviews, that has more good reviews than bad ones, and that actually does follow up on the bad reviews, answer them and offer their version in a polite and professional manner. Remember that most customers who are compelled to write a review are the ones who have something to complain about. How a company answers these reviews speaks volumes of their customer support, and can give you an idea on how the company deals with trouble when it does arise. Just look at any Tourism company directory on the web, and look for reviews on the names that show up there. Small time companies will have no reviews or only good ones, either because they are small or new (which isn't bad in itslef, but is worth pondering) or because they try to manipulate their online image in deceiving ways.


Just my 2 cents!

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Hi Everyone,


I just wanted to chime in as a representative of LUXE Destination Weddings. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about 'negative' reviews. We are committed to each and every one of our brides and do not ever want unhappy clients!


As a Canadian planning agency, I completely agree with Blue Petal. We also charge service fees for our planning services as anyone would have to!


I encourage any Toronto/GTA brides to meet with us in person should you have any further questions. Feel free to PM me any time!

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