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NEW Buy/Sell/Trade forum


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Hello BDW,


I just wanted to know that we have added a new Buy/Sell/Trade Forum


This new format will allow members to state if the item is for sale, free, trade etc. and also mark when the item has sold.


Additionally, users will be able to search the forum for just items for free or sale making it easier to see what is available.


Please let me know what you think.



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Originally Posted by tropicalbride2011 View Post


What happened to all of the previous buy, sell, trade posts?


they are now in the buy/sell/trade archives...just a few forums below the buy/sell/trade forum. 


Originally Posted by carly View Post


Oh I think that's a fantastic upgrade!  Obviously, I probably won't be buying anything, but that's a cool improvement. 



well, you can always sell stuff ;)

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This thread was just to announce the new forum.  I attempted to move your post to the proper forum but you might want to double check and create it if it's not there.  It was the first time I tried to move a thread in the new forum. 


Originally Posted by coconoir1908 View Post

Hi Ladies,


I have 30 purple key coils for sell and willing to ship to Canada.  I'm asking $25.00 (which includes shipping US) and $35 for Canada.  If interested PM me.  

purple key coils.jpg

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hello, FYI as carly so kindly pointed out above to another member, this thread is to let you know about the new forum. this thread is NOT for posting items for sale. please read the info and let me know if you still need further assistance. thanks! :)


Originally Posted by Ceecie View Post

I have a brand new, ivory, size 10 designer Morilee wedding dress for sale. This dress has never been worn and never been altered.  

I am asking $1500.00 plus shipping costs.

Here is a picture:



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