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     Iâ€ll begin with stating that planning a destination wedding was very stressful for me.  I'm a perfectionist and it was hard for me to have complete control when I was signing contracts with people I had never met who live in another country. The most stressful part of the planning was choosing my photographer.  I knew my special day was going to fly by and all I would have left besides my memories would be my pictures.  Therefore, they had to be perfect and the photographer had to be amazing.  I spent hours online reading through reviews and looking at sample pictures from many, many photographers in Mexico.  That is how I came upon finding Juan.  As soon as I saw the pictures on his blog, I knew I had to have him as my photographer.  I felt that his pictures were very natural and told you a story.  I knew many friends and family members were not going to be able to make my wedding, therefore I wanted them to be able to look through my pictures and feel as though they had been there with us.    


     Juan made all my dreams come true.  Right from the first email exchanged between us, he was professional, friendly, honest and easy to work with.  Throughout the months before the wedding, I stalked his blog, website and face book page; always loving what I saw.  I also sent him countless emails with bazillions of questions, yet he always remained patient with me and responded quickly to ease my nerves.


     The day of my wedding, Juan arrived at the resort 2 hrs before the ceremony was to begin.  I came back from getting my hair and makeup done to find Juan and his assistant Daniel waiting for me by my room door.  I instantly felt at ease when I saw them, and believe I even hugged both of them! My bridesmaids were all waiting for me in the room so as soon as we entered the madness began.  The time flew by as we all got ready.  Juan was like a shadow, you knew he was there but was never in your way.  He moved around the room capturing tons of un-posed pictures of me, my mom and my girls. 


     After the ceremony, the picture fun began.  I had previously told Juan that I wanted fun, natural pictures with my husband and bridal party.  Well that is just what we did, he had my whole bridal party loving him and laughing within minutes.  Most people in bridal parties hate the millions of pictures they have to take but my bridal party loved it, he made everything fun and easy.  Throughout the rest of the night, Juan continued to be amazing.  Once again, acting as a shadow, he was never in our way and we never felt he was an annoyance or bothersome.  At the same time, you just trusted him, you knew that whatever was going on around you, he was capturing on film.  I had complete confidence in him at all times. 


     The next morning, Juan and Daniel met with us again for our Trash the Dress session.  I recommend this to everyone.  Even though my husband and I were tired, hung-over and just drained from the previous week of planning and entertaining, we still loved every minute of it.  The session is very romantic and sexy, and something you would probably never do again.  Juan remained professional, humorous and once again put us at complete ease.


     We returned home the following day, and to our surprise Juan had already emailed me a link to a few of our pictures.  How awesome is that!!! I was so excited and instantly sent them to all my friends and family.  Everyone had the same response...WOW! and Who was your photographer???  I have had people send them to other people that don't even know me, just because they thought they were the most beautiful, unusual wedding pictures they had ever seen.  Many people stated they thought the pictures belonged in Wedding magazines and that our Trash the Dress pictures should be Calvin Klein ads :)  Within a week, we received through Fed-Ex more of our pictures.  I have friends who were married in New Jersey 5 months ago, that still havent received their pictures.  To say I was happy, doesnâ€t come close to describing my feelings.


     I cannot say enough good things about Juan.  I rave about him to all of my friends and have even mentioned to the un-married ones how I think itâ€s worth it to fly him to New Jersey for their weddings.  As a bride, the day of your wedding is a hurricane; you are so happy and excited but the minutes fly by and as much as you try to appreciate and capture everything around you, you just cant.  So to be able to trust your photographer to capture everything that you missed and the things that you canâ€t wait to relive is priceless! Iâ€ve been married 2 months now and at least daily I pick up a picture, or look online at the pics and just smile.  Every time I show my pictures to friends I feel like I re-live the whole day all over again, and its such an amazing feeling.  My grandparents were not able to make my wedding, when I sat down and showed them the pictures my grandma cried and said she now felt like she was there with us.  Once again, priceless!!!


Forever grateful,

Nicole & Steve Capoano

11/5/10 Aventura Spa Palace













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