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Budget OOT Bags ~ UK Bride ~ Gold & Turquoise Theme

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Before I joined this forum I had never heard of an OOT Bag; its just not a term we use here in the UK.  Then I looked at everyones photos and ideas and said to myself; ' I wanna do that...'


Well after starting my OOT Bags very enthusiastically in March / April time; I then did nothing with them until today.  If I ever see a piece of turquoise or gold paper or ink ever again it will be too soon.  I mean what else is there to do on New Years Day!!!!


Everything was on a budget and purchased from the 99p store or Free from Vistaprint, I did one bag per couple and one each for the single people, I only had to do 9 in total.  I opted for the paper bags due to the budget and I knew if I got nice bags they would just be disregarded. 


Please enjoy and thank you for all your inspiration fellow brides 2 be :-))







Each bag will contain:

  • A magnet saying ; I travelled all the way to Mexico for Jo & Busters wedding & all I got was this lousy magnet! (Vistaprint)
  • Packet Of Mints (99p Shop)
  • Packet Of Chewing Gum (99p Shop)
  • Handwash (99p Shop)
  • Nail File (99p Shop)
  • Hairbands (99p Shop)
  • 1st Aid Kit (99p Shop)
  • Sewing Kit (99p Shop)
  • Puzzle Book
  • Bookmarks (DIY)
  • Hangover Kit (99p Shop & DIY)
  • Upset Tummy Kit (99p Shop & DIY)
  • Pen (Vistaprint)
  • Photoshare Card (Vistaprint)
  • Playing Cards (99p Shop)
  • Door Hanger (Vistaprint)
  • Door Key Card Holder (99p Shop & DIY)
  • Tissues (99p Shop)
  • Bag & Tag (99p Shop & DIY)
  • Timeline Cards
  • Pool Toy - Splat Ball (99p Shop)
  • Money Convertor
  • Room Number Card


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Brilliant Josie :-) They are fab... im still undecided about OOT.... yours are fab though x

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