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Legacy Video, Inc. - Minneapolis, MN

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Ok, this isn't destination wedding specific, but I wanted to post anyway, in case anyone is looking for these services in the Twin Cities.


I wanted a couple copies of my wedding video, and then another slideshow that I had made a couple years ago for my mom's 60th birthday. I called these guys, and they actually came and picked up my 2 DVDs - I told them I wanted 2 copies of the birthday video, and 3 of the wedding one. It was $9.99 per copy, plus 10% off with my coupon.


Anyway, he just dopped the copies back off, less then 24 hours later. Great service! And, I didn't ask them to do this - and the original copies don't even have this - but they put a nice label on them all. One says "happy birthday, mom" and the other says "ann & paul's wedding - Las Caletas, Mexico - June 8, 2007" So they definitely went above and beyond!


Anyway - here's their contact info. if anyone is interested. Looking at their website, they also seem to have many other services.


email: info@legacyvideoonline.com

website: Legacy Video, Inc. Home Page- Preserving memories for a lifetime

phone: 612-216-2307

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yep - i was pleasantly surprised! i am going to let him know that i will be referring his company! i really think it's actually a guy (or several) that run out of the home.

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