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Our wedding pics by Del Sol Photography @ The Royal Cancun :)

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HOW AWESOME is BDWF....  Thanks Beth for coming back all these months after your wedding and taking tome to answer questions and inform those needing info!  You rock!




Originally Posted by BethHeppert View Post

Thanks for all the nice comments!

faybarnett- We did not choose and actually got Flora. She is the worst. So cranky. She was in fact so bad that we switched to Patti (wedding manager) once we got there. Diane is very sweet. Flora never actually contacted me before (even though I sent her several emails and requests) so if you do get her, don't worry. Just ask to be switched ASAP.  Honestly our wedding was amazing and any anxiety or worries I had was not worth it. The Royal is the best and your wedding will be perfect! As you can tell, I miss it so much!


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Great pictures!!

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