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My unexpected Proposal!

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I was engaged on December 14, 2010 and was really caught off guard with the proposal.


In late October my now FI suggested we go look at rings.  I was all for it!  I already knew that I wanted a solitaire so now to just find the one I loved!  We were at one store and I found the perfect ring (and it was 50% off for a pre Christmas sale!).  I didn't think that my now FI would buy it as we both are still finishing up school. 


About a week after we had gone ring shopping I accidentally found out he had bought the ring.  As my ring is a Canadian Diamond it comes with a certificate.  He had left this in his car on the passenger seat.  We went to go to a movie one night and needless to say I went to move the certificate (not knowing what it was), dropped it on the floor, and then seen it was for my ring!  He knew that I seen it and he knew that I knew he had the ring.


My now FI and I had planned a day trip to Calgary (about three hours from where we live) to do some last minute Christmas shopping and to go to zoolites (which is held at the Calgary Zoo in the evening and is a display of over a million Christmas lights).  I had wanted to go to the zoolites for a few years now and was finally get my chance to see them!  I was not expecting him to propose at the zoolites as he told me he wouldn't because it would be to predictable (I believed him!)


We had spent about an hour walking around looking at the beautiful lights and were getting ready to leave.  He told me he needed to show me something and took me back to a tunnel that was covered in lights.  Once we got back there I was busy taking pictures and I turned around to find him down on one knee with the ring!  I was completely shocked!  There were tons of people around who were all cheering and clapping!


Now, a few weeks later, we are starting to plan our dream wedding:)


This is the picture I took then turned around to find him down on a knee!



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