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12 days till my wedding and i cant even wear my ering!

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#11 Clean122

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    Posted 04 January 2011 - 02:55 PM

    oh wow that really sucks


    Perhaps you can put some makeup on it to try and hide the scar a bit? Im sure ivan can help take it away with photoshop too.

    #12 sheila2011

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      Posted 04 January 2011 - 07:24 PM

      I actually work as an RN on the Burns/ICU unit so here's my advice since I deal with burns every single day!


      First breathe!! You still have 13 days until your wedding right? From looking at your pictures and the amount it healed from day 1 to day 3 it appears to be a first degree burn. Painful and annoying yes, but it heals. We use polysporin on our burns (from fingers to an entire body depending on the burn thickness). The reasoning behind the poly is due to the antibacterial property it has. Infection is a burn nightmare. Keep putting the poly on, and it should heal. For your wedding day if you are concerned about the appearance use a little bit of makeup. However, I think by the wedding it will look 10 times better! Unfortunately, it just takes some time and there's no magic cure for a burn. Keep using the polysporin! Oh and I see you're from Edmonton! You can buy polysporin from the outpatient clinic attached to the burn unit at cost. It's cheaper than the stores. But bring cash, cause that's all we take!


      Big hugs!!!  

      OK - so on xmas day i burnt my ring finger REALLLLLY bad - and now i cant get my ring on AND i'm freaking out about how hideous my finger looks & how ugly my pictures are going to be of my hand, i emailed ivan luckie my photographer and he said that he should be able to make it look back to normal by editing it but i just dont know it's so bad, i'm wokring today and tomorrow and all day my clients have be like omg EWW what happened to your finger :( i know it's sick, you dont have to tell me!! is' there any secret remidies? i have been putting polysporn for burns + Bio oils for vitamin e+ scar removal kinda thing,


      help :( please its ugly butttt i dont know what else i can do for the wedding day!



      day 1                                                      day 3







      Counting down to January 17th in Punta Cana!

      #13 shelbygirl

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        Posted 04 January 2011 - 07:39 PM

        What a bummer! I think your hand looks much better in 3 days. I bet by the time you go it will feel and look lots better. In reality your hands don't show a lot unless it is a close up of your ring.  Most of the time in photos you will be holding  a bouquet which will cover it up.  I understand why you are bummed, but I think you will still have a stellar day and awesome pictures! 

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