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Just Curious- do you find this forum "clique-ish"

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it is really important as a "newbie" to understand forum rules and etiquette.


if you ask a question that has been asked a bunch of times before AND answered, people are less likely to want to take the time to answer AGAIN since the poster probably did not take the time to search and find the answer on their own.

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I think having cliques could be a good thing too.  I think this forum is so wonderful in the way that brides from their certain resorts can become friends and share experiences.  Obviously those brides are most likely to become friends because they have something to share with each other.

But the other ladies have made great points about repeat subjects that a lot of the ladies just skip over.

As for the midwest clique... sign me up please!!  We can bond over the freezing cold and snow!

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I honestly never felt like this before.  People respond to threads that apply to them, if I read something and have nothing to add, then I don't say anything at all.  I've been on the forum for a while now and I never really felt like I was being ignored.  If people don't respond to my thread then so what?  I mean the purpose of my threads are to inform others of what I am doing or what I think is a good find because it might help someone else.  If no one answers then maybe no one needs my input lol  I don't take it personally because I'm not posting for the sake of getting responses.  Also like some of the other people have said, some threads are redundant and have been started and asked a million times before.

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Good point! That is very good advice.

Originally Posted by cookiemunchkin View Post

Totally agree with this.


One thing I noticed when I joined is that I started new threads when I wanted to ask a question and would get very few responses... and like you, I felt a bit like I was being ignored.  But then I started posting in some of the more established threads, and got TONS of responses!  I think its more that people revisit the same threads over and over, so you'll be more "noticed" by posting in one of those than by starting a new thread.


Overall, people are super helpful if they do see your messages.  Try posting in one for the resort you will be getting married at, i'm sure there will be a lot of help for you there :)


Originally Posted by schmizer View Post

I think that in any social network, there are cliques.  But I have found people to be incredibly helpful, especially when they see you are going to contribute...


I think there are a lot of people that come on here and ask a question or two and then you never see them again.  I can see how that would get frustrating or annoying to others.


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