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Moon Palace 2012 Brides

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#941 ndvidul

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    Posted 30 July 2011 - 05:26 AM

    I forgot to ask if I could join this forum with you all?  I've never done any discussion boards or anything like this, so I'm learning everything as I go. 


    We're trying to get Feb 18th secured at MP for our big day!  Any other February brides out there?

    #942 SummerDawn

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      Posted 30 July 2011 - 05:43 AM

      Of course you can join!! No need to ask! Allll moon palace brides are welcome! Congrats on deciding your date! I know there is at least 2 other February brides here so your in good hands :)

      Originally Posted by ndvidul 

      I forgot to ask if I could join this forum with you all?  I've never done any discussion boards or anything like this, so I'm learning everything as I go. 


      We're trying to get Feb 18th secured at MP for our big day!  Any other February brides out there?


      #943 coconoir1908

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        Posted 30 July 2011 - 05:46 AM

        No need to ask!!  and Happy Planning! 

        #944 coconoir1908

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          Posted 30 July 2011 - 07:11 AM

          Hola Chicas,


          Well in a few hours we are headed out so that I can officially say Yes to the dress, to meet Lazaro himself and to be sketched in my gown.  Boy-oy-boy is my stomach doing an excited number on me.  Instead of my MOH 7 3 of BM's flying/driving in again I have decided to let my grandmom (who raised me), my aunt and my BM that wasn't able to join in on the 2nd half attend in June, hang out with me.


          Since I picked up the BM dresses, I will take one so that Kelly can try it on and we see how it match up with my dress.  She also purchased her shoes so at least we will have an "almost complete" look. So that I can gauge the type of flowers that I would like. 


          So with all of that said here's a run down of the things done:


          Wedding Dress: Official purchase date TODAY ;-)

          Wedding Shoes: My something blue, Christian Louboutin Open Lips

          BM/MOH: Butter by Nadia Satin Signature dresses (purchased as their gift) & picked up

          Butterfly Brooch: Ordered and also a part of their gift

          Bridal Party/flower girl T's: Ordered/Received from Etsy another gift

          Invitations: Started with Sarah Sprouille of Sprouille Designs

          Pre-Travel Brochure in process (the only thing I actually dread)

          Luggage tags: Done

          First aid kit: Done

          Oh Sh*T Kits: In the process (waiting for some items to be delivered)

          Welcome Booklets" Completed with the exception of the events page

          Towels/Shot glasses: FI and I are working on the design

          Engagement Pics: 12x12 will be delivered in the next two weeks. This is what our guest will sign.

          3 Nautilus shells ordered and received

          Studio Suits: Will order 2 this week for FI. 1 Blended Linen and 1 Pure Irish Linen whichever FI likes the best, this is what will be purchased as his gift to the guys.

          DJ Booked: DJ Mannia

          Make-up booked: Norma Perez

          Flowers: Not sure if mom & I will embark on DIY or not.  I'm so not a big fan of flowers so don't want to spend too much $$ on this aspect.

          Zuniga: In process of deciding on things that we would like.


          I have tons more but can't think. 

          Have  great weekend.





          #945 Sdamian1

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            Posted 30 July 2011 - 03:02 PM

            coconoir I hope you had a blast today!! I can't imagine how excited you are! 


            Krsmith...those are some awesome questions thank you for sharing :) I have a few of the things you need, you can PM me and I'll get em to you!


            I am looking like a mad woman in search for those something blue Louboutins! I keep straying and looking at all the other pretty shoes lol 

            #946 rae12vb

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              Posted 30 July 2011 - 04:06 PM

              You will learn so much on here!  This is such a great resource.  Pretty much ALL of your answers will get answered right away.  Enjoy planning!

              Originally Posted by ndvidul 

              Hi all!  I just found this website today because I have had trouble getting my date registered at Moon Palace and have felt overwhelmed and frustrated.  I've spent hours on the Moon Palace 2011 Brides forum and got great info.  Can't wait to see what I can learn so far here and connect with you ladies!  I feel a renewed sense of hope for our dream wedding!  :)


              Getting Married at Moon Palace 8-23-11!!!

              #947 rae12vb

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                Posted 30 July 2011 - 04:09 PM

                Beautiful dress!  How exciting!!! Congrats

                Originally Posted by beatyea 

                Your dress is beautiful!!!! And you look great in it! 



                Getting Married at Moon Palace 8-23-11!!!

                #948 rae12vb

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                  Posted 30 July 2011 - 04:13 PM

                  Let me know if you get any answers about the Catholic ceremony.

                  My future father in law was over today and really wants us to have the Catholic ceremony.  He just isn't sure if it is "real" meaning a complete Roman Catholic Ceremony in "gods eyes."

                  Does anyone know the answers to this?  Would we have to do pre cana before?

                  We are getting married in 24 days!!! Ahhh 

                  I wonder if we can even make this switch!

                  ALSO can you do the Lazo Ceremony with a catholic ceremony????


                  Originally Posted by krsmith 

                  So far no answer, but I'm assuming it will take a LONG time...but I'm happy Janina at least forwarded it. Although she says they have a "new department that is assisting wedding couple with their pre wedding arrangements". Who knows that that means...maybe it will be a good thing and they will be better about getting back to people.


                  I just emailed Katie from Deco. Her email is on the website. I believe its katie@decocancun.com....


                  I asked a TON of questions...everything from general resort info to events. I'm pretty laid back too, but I don't want to end up wishing I had figured this stuff out earlier, so I'm just going to try and start the process now since I'm sure I will have to do some pushing to get them to respond!


                  Here are my questions. I am asking anything and everything I can so I can get it straight from their mouths and have it documented!




                  Immaculate Conception Package


                  * We are in the final stages of our Pre-Cana and are getting ready to submit our paperwork to our diocese. Is there anything you need from us?


                  * Because the Catholic ceremony is not legal in Mexico and we must do the legal part in our hometown, can we do it after we get back home if we chose instead of before we leave?


                  * Will you be sending us information of what we need to choose for our ceremony (readings, songs...etc)?


                  * We would like to do the Lasso ceremony during the mass. Is that that included?


                  * Will we need to provide our own Lasso?


                  * What is included in your standard decor for the Chapel (as well as aisle bases)?


                  * Does the CD system for the ceremony play Mp3 discs?


                  * What songs does the solo harpist play in the ceremony?


                  * Instead of the included bridal bouquet, can I use those flowers for decor for our cake?


                  * We would like to have a private reception instead of a dinner reservation for 35 people. Can we use that reservation for either the Welcome Dinner or Rehearsal Dinner?


                  * What is the Honeymoon Package that is included?


                  Wedding Day


                  * I don't want wrist bands to be in our pictures, Can we take off our wrist bands on the day of the wedding without being charged a fee for us and our guests?


                  * I would like to get my hair done for the wedding. When am I able to schedule my appointment and who should I call? 


                  * We are having Del Sol come and photograph our wedding. Can we please get 2 day passes for them?


                  * What does the driver of the horse carriage typically wear? 


                  * We are putting together invitations now. Can we finalize cocktail hour/reception location and times so I can put them on our invitations?


                  * After our ceremony we would like to have a cocktail hour. 


                       * Can we choose where we have it?


                       * Can we have the Mexican Trio or Mariachi play during the cocktail hour? 


                  * We would like to have a private reception on a terrace. What are our options? 


                  * Will you send me all the options for appetizers for the cocktail hour and buffet options for the reception?


                  * At this point, I don't think we will hire a DJ. What are our options for music and what is the pricing?


                  * Can we release "Wish Lanterns" during our reception? (They flame retardant and biodegradable)


                  * Can you send me a list of cake options?


                  * What would standard decor/setup for tables at the reception be? 


                  * Do you provide printed menus to place on each setting at the reception since we will not know what the menu is until we meet with you?


                  * Will you provide a Complimentary room for guests to leave their belongings in or to freshen up in close by the reception? 


                  * Do you have anything that we could use (basket/tray) to place Pashminas in at the reception?





                  * We are putting together Pre-Travel Brochures. Can you send me any information that my guests might find useful/helpful to know about the resort?


                  * Do you have a Resort Map that I can use for my brochures or Out of Town Bags?


                  * We would like to have a Welcome Dinner, a Rehearsal Dinner, and a Goodbye Brunch. We don't need these to be private functions, but is there somewhere we can have these semi private?


                  * Can we decide on where these will be so I can add them to our invites?


                  * Can you send me a list of all the different restaurants, what they serve, and what attire is required?


                       * Can you send me a list of the restaurants that we can have our entire group of guests sit together for the meals I mentioned above?


                       * Can you send me pictures of the different places we can have these?


                  * Is there anywhere we could possibly play a photo slide show during the rehearsal dinner?


                  * Will you send me the list of what we can use our "Vacation Dollars" on and any rules/limitations on using  them?





                  Getting Married at Moon Palace 8-23-11!!!

                  #949 sophia56

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                    Posted 30 July 2011 - 04:15 PM



                    I cannot believe how organized you are!! Have a blast getting your dress today! 

                    #950 coconoir1908

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                      Posted 30 July 2011 - 05:48 PM

                      UPDATE UPDATE


                      OK Ladies,  Here' s an update after my post this morning.  First let me say that this was an awesome, amazing, blessing and cherished day.  My grandmother(mom) who raised me from birth got a chance to see her "youngest baby" try on a wedding dress and as she say "in her right mind"  This day meant the world to the both of us.  So meeting the designer in my eyes was icing on the cake!  Although my mom (this is what I have always called my grandmom) is not a crier, she gives this look of approval or disapproval that goes right through you.  Today was the look of approval all the way when it came to the dress with only 1 "not so much" regarding a belt which I did not go with.  Today was the day, that I even had a tear flowing coupled with smiles (my eyes are very chinkie (wrong spelling) and even close when I laugh to hard) you'll see this. 


                      Lazaro is such a sweetheart an I am humbled to have met the man that will design MY DRESS.  How freaking awesome is that?  I tell you, having the last appt at 4 (by my design) was great, as we shut the Bridal Garden in Marlton, NJ with MaryEllen leading the way down.  We were the only people in there after 3:45p and what a grand feeling this is.  The first kicker was when I pulled out my Christian Louboutin and MaryEllen (my consultant) said "Oh My God" I gotta show them.  So out went one shoe LOL.  The dress for my family was dynamite but the shoe for the whole Bridal Garden was the focus.  Lazaro said "Oh I gotta see her walk in these, all 5 inches" My mom said "honey this is like putting on underwear to her, its natural" the whole place fell out laughing as I strut my stuff across the floor.  Okay enough talking


                      Please note that these are my iPhone pics that do not have a flash.  The Style of dress is Lazaro 3050 to which I purchased in a light ivory. The cost with the belt after a discount was $4800 I saved a total of $1500.







                      My bridesmaid Kelly in her Butter by Nadia dress (my gift to them)






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