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Moon Palace 2012 Brides

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    Posted 17 October 2011 - 11:56 AM

    Thats a good point! for some reason bath and body works didn't come to mind when i was trying to figure out a scent! I went to hallmark and tried all their yankee stuff but I felt like all their beach stuff smelled like bathroom. Ill def have to look on BBW though thanks!

    Originally Posted by merrylee 

    I went to bath and body works and bought some of their room essential oil and mixed it w/my sand and 5 months later, I still smell the beach :) 




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      Posted 17 October 2011 - 12:00 PM

      I actually have been doing some "pinning" and have 1000% decided on MIB! I know exactly what i am looking for now..like I said I am not very visual haha so i had to hunt some ideas down and I am so glad I did because they are going to turn out beautiful! I know you posted the actual invitation a while back (which is what inspired me to go with MIB :)) What thread is it in? and did you end up posting the end result too? I've missed a lot!


      Thanks merrylee!

      Originally Posted by merrylee 

      Funny, my theme is casual elegance and I did MIB's for our invites.  I liked having fun with them and capturing the piece of my FI that has a flare for the dramatic.  He's my treasure which is why it's a map :)




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        Posted 17 October 2011 - 12:04 PM

        hahah small world huh...that is crazy!

        Originally Posted by Jamie5280 

        So, you ladies want to hear something crazy.....I just found out that my ex is getting married at the Playacar Palace 4 days before me (My step brother is in the wedding).  My TA was pushing Playacar Palace hard!!!! So glad we decided to go with Moon Palace!  HAHAHA!!!   If his fiance is on here, it's nothing against you sister!  Happy for ya!!!  :)


        But I just had to share, thought it was too coincidental not to share!


        yes I am on pinterest! I love it! I just started following you today...My name is sdamian1 :)

        Originally Posted by summer12 

        Anyone else on pinterest?  I just joined today- it looks like a fun way to share ideas for weddings and life! I would love to know what else you creative ladies have up your sleeves!  I'm nmmorg if you want to search for me!


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          Posted 17 October 2011 - 12:27 PM

          AW these are soo sweet! I definitely got goose bumps when I saw these :) They are going to look beautiful on your bouquet.

          Originally Posted by coconoir1908 

          Hola Chicas,


          Well remember a couple of post back (wow there's been so many lol:-) where I was a little sad because (although necessary to order) I had just ordered our memorial picture charms for my bouquet?  Well it's here.  Humbled and blessed to be able to still be present on this earth, my heart is heavy but I am so glad that I choose the vendor as she was so sweet to work with and we have a beautiful necklace which will also be a bouquet charm (it's removable) for our wedding day.


          Here is it:


          1pic how it hangs naturally.



          2nd spread out

          Front of Necklace.jpg





          #1975 Sdamian1

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            Posted 17 October 2011 - 12:34 PM

            Its pretty awesome you can make inspiration boards for different things like wedding 

            What's pinterest?  Since wedding planning I'm behind on Facebook LOL 



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              Posted 17 October 2011 - 01:09 PM

              These are too cute! I like the airplane pattern!

              Originally Posted by beatyea 

              Ok ladies I finally uploaded the pictures of my STDs  (better late than never! 

              Happy Friday everyone!!!!


              Tonight is our engagement party, which I am super excited for!  Let the parties begin!!!  HAHA!!!  It's actually really nice to finally be on the other side.  I am usually the one throwing these things, now I just get to enjoy!!!  YAY!!!!     party party party!!!!  :)



              I was wondering where you were!  Miss you!!!  I will e-mail you my boarding pass invites!!!

              I am also sorry you had to cut your budget, but I KNOW you will still have a beautiful wedding!!!


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                Posted 17 October 2011 - 01:12 PM

                I actually have the menus pm me your email and I will send them right over!

                Originally Posted by Jamie5280 

                hhmmm....how is everyone so lucky to have even gotten menus???  I have asked Janina like 4 times if I could get contact info at the MP, and she will not budge!!!  I was actually wanting to book my locations, LeeNancy was so nice to give me the menu options.  But she is getting married 4 days before me, so again, why can't I get in touch with the MP?????    Is there something else I should try????????  Thanks my lovely CHICAS!!!! 



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                  Posted 17 October 2011 - 01:16 PM

                  I love this!!! How did you get the door hangers to be so shimmery..is it the paper or the printer thats on steriods haha? I loooove them 

                  Originally Posted by coconoir1908 

                  Tears of Joy Packets (also posted the template in an earlier post)


                  These are so cute and creative.. I never thought of doing door hangers for us ...GREAT IDEA ..


                  question how did you cut the hole out in the middle ????????


                  I have been trying and it is driving me crazy

                  Thanks ladydi and happy Dress Hunting!  Here's to finding the dress of your dreams. 

                  You got it Chelsea ;-)  Thanks a bunch

                  The door hangers for US was a must!   I look at it as yet another photo op ;-) while we are getting ready!  The DND signs for our guest was just extra as I have some paper to get rid of lol.  As you figure all hotels come with DND signs and since I already have the tools (paper, & work printer) it's not costing me a thing. 


                  As far as cutting the whole, I will use my Xacto knife to slit it on one side (to be ready for any door) and then I have a 2' round hole punch.  If you are really great with the Xacto you can simply cut around the inside circle but make sure you have a work/cutting pad to do this.  Hope this helps. 

                  Thanks beatyea and trust me I'm not creative at all..  Most of my inspiration and templates came from this site.  I'm not the person that can initially create something but once I see it, I can carry it out.  Let me know if you need any templates or help with something. 




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                    Posted 17 October 2011 - 01:31 PM

                    Sorry to bombard the thread..I always wait too long and have so MUCH to say!! ahh!!



                    Im following you on pinterest too now lol...my name is sdamian1 :)

                    Originally Posted by leenancy 

                    Oh and yes, I do realize I spelled "perforated" wrong on the RSVP ticket. LOL, I was so excited to see it on paper that I forgot to fix it.


                    I love it so pretty!! I am having the same dilema..I have to have my hair down but all the wind horror stories Ive heard are freaking me out!

                    Originally Posted by ladydi1844 

                    Thanks for all the support ladies. You guys are right I went back ti a different shop today and tried on some other Maggie destinations dresses that I was really psyched about and saved the Adorae for last and it still made me tingly in a way the others couldn't compete with and the girl helping me was also very enthusiastic about that dress...sorry mom lol. I ordered it and I am so excited to check off dress, lol.

                    You guys are inspiring mr on the DIY's but I hate not knowing how many I need and making or getting too many/too little so I am making a list and will wait a little bit.


                    For the girls having trouble getting a coordinator I sent a detailed letter with about 10 questions with different parts mostly about the locations and they quickly passed me off lol. Make it specific like what chapel is close to such and such terrace or how much would it be if I skipped cocktail hour and did reception instead or ask what bars are close to which terraces ..they don't know that in Miami.


                    I found my hair inspiration today with a diamon headband that matches my maggie belt. I just love it and since everyone complains about the wind I don't want to do a veil and I really wanted it down but i don't want it bad for pics so this is my compromise :



                    I love all the support and love on this website and especially with the moon palace girls..it's beautiful ;)






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                      Posted 17 October 2011 - 06:40 PM

                      Ladies with larger parties, have you guys decided where to use your reservation for 35 yet?


                      Manglar ( International) up to 35 people
                      Arrecifes (Brazilian) up to 35 people
                      Palapa Delfines (Steak )up to 35 people
                      Bugambilias ( Mexican) up to 35 people Buffet & up to 24 people a la carte
                      La Gondola ( Italian) up to 35 people buffet & up to 24 people a la carte
                      Palapa Barracuda ( steak ) up to 24 people ( w/set menu)
                      Palapa Fragata ( seafood) up to 35 peope (w/set menu)
                      El CaribeĀ±o ( seafood) up to 30 people ( w/ set menu)


                      Married: 20/06/12 - Our 11 year anniversary~

                      Wedding @: Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort (Cancun, Mexico)

                      Honeymoon @: Le Blanc Spa Resort (Cancun, Mexico)

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