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It was a huge success, in my opinion. Our goal was to get our guests excited and book and it worked! We burnt them on little mini cd's (that are for sale in this thread if you're interested: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/66776/std-discs-and-cases-for-sale#post_1508519 )

Because we had plenty of time before our wedding we were able to hand deliver a lot of the invites. We had an engagement party that my sister hosted for us and kind of had a little 'viewing party" for the slideshow. BHefore the guests left, we sent them home with a copy on disc. Others than i don't see often (like out of town family/friends) i was able to drop in a small padded envelope and mail for only $0.66!


Another cool thing about the mini CD's I thought about doing, was to add all of our favorite songs or just music to get people in the mood for the trip. My FI made a good point that most people use MP3 players or ipods but could still listen to some tropical tunes before we leave. I've been to weddings were the favor was a personalized CD. I still listen to that cd in my car even 3 years later lol.  

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