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2011 & 2012 PLAYACAR PALACE BRIDES!!!!!!

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I am finding it super difficult to communicate with them via email. The first time they sent an email right away with all the attachments with regards to pricing and what not. I replied and asked how much more it would cost to have "open bar" extended past the 2 hours they indicated and haven't heard back! It's been almost 3 weeks now! I am getting scared that my plans for a destination wedding wont happen at this point. :(


Don't get discouraged.  Your wedding is more than a year away, and to them it is very far out form now.  They don't even assign you a coordinator until 30 days prior.  The PP is AMAZING as is all of the weddings dept staff.  I have all of the same fears that you had, this far out, I was fortunate to make quite a few visits that eased my worries, but just a bit.  It wasnt until I arrive 2 weeks before my wedding that my mind was put a ease!  They are going to be sure that your day is seamless!  As far as info like the open bar, use other resources for budgeting purposes IE: the girls that have been married most recently there or even in the forum, most of us posted the vitial info that others werent getting.  Scan through both this thread and PP 2010-2011 brides...you will get all the info you need.  Dont get discouraged bc they arent answering an email...planning a destination wedding from afar is not wasy i will give you that but dont let your dreams be shot down.  If after you look through the whole thread you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me!!





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Hey ladies!!  Just passing along some WC info and attachments!



I believe that we will go with the Italian food for the semi-private dinner, so whenever you have a chance to send the choices that would be great.[Mercedes Maragda Hernandez Ramirez] please find attached the Italian Menu. Please select one dish of each category and that will be the set menu to be served to your guest on your wedding reception.





My first instinct would be to have the cocktail hour in the South Solarium but would it be too chilly on a January night?  Does the Cielo Terrace have an indoor and outdoor section?[Mercedes Maragda Hernandez Ramirez]  it might be kind of chilly for people that is used to the Cancun weather (hot) but if youâ€re coming down from a cold place it will be ok. / Cielo bar does not have a indoor/out door section, it is only outdoors.

  ***I'm still kinda stuck on where to have this cocktail hour, so suggestions would be great!  It will be at night, as I will be having it AFTER the semi-private dinner, so somewhere that would be well lit and pretty would be best.





I'm pretty sure I hate the script for the symbolic ceremony, so I think I may just go with customizing one based off some of the ideas on the "share your ceremony script" thread from here.  It just is catching me as way religious for a symbolic ceremony






Private Events Playacar.pdf

Terraza- italiano.pdf

Symbolic Ceremony Script (2).docx


Playacar Complementay.pdf

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Tanya, You're a lifesaver!  I've been so worried about the spa and everything else with the wedding, but you've really put my mind at ease!

Thank you for being so generous and sharing your experiences with us!


PP Bride 11/5/11!!

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