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Close family who did not accept you to pay for them.

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Hi ladies,

So My wedding is 13 months from now and I am extremely excited, Its going to be in Las Caletas, I have my resort room block, save the dates...ok basically everything going good so far. My parents, brother +wife have been so supportive of the whole DW idea. On my FI side his parents and brother+family also supportive.


Ok so now my second  brother (+fam of 4) did not have the money to go. So we offered them a 3 day trip airfare paid, passports paid, and resort paid. All they need to do is show up. Now my brother who initially accepted joyously , now has rejected my offer saying it is too much money for my FI and I to pay for him.


What kills me is that we are super close and I let him know we could afford it ...but he has a pride issue & doesnt want anyone to talk about him later on in life that he couldn't afford it.


Anyhow I am trying to deal with how hurt I am by him, but I was wondering if any other bride had this type of issue where you offered to pay and they rejected. How did you deal with it?


Thanks ladies

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Sorry you have to deal with this.  We offered to pay for my DH's parents and they said they would rather not go than have us pay.  Maybe if you tell him how important it is that he is there, or if you don't tell anyone you helped him out that would make him feel better.  Good luck families don't always react to weddings in the best way. 

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