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Nic's VERY LONG lots of PICTURES holy crum my wedding is almost here planning thread! : )

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WELL, i want to start out by saying i srsly cant believe it's here. I've been engaged 3 years and it's flown by. I want to thank Tammy, and all the mods of BDW, i dont know where i would be without this site...i also want to thank all the lovely ladies on the site, with all of your ideas, feed back, help.. it's truly made a big difference in my wedding planning. sit back and hang on theres ALOT of pictures lol. there are some things that are already packed away that i dont have pictures of but i will post them i'm sure in my review. i leave January 5th for a 14 day vaca + wedding to Barcelo maya Colonial in the Mayan Riviera we will be married on jan 11 2011


We Met. Sept 2002

i came home from grade 7 and told my mom i found the one i wanted to spend the rest of my life with, she laughed and said yes hunny, i'm sure. Tyler and i dated on and off for 4 years, and on for the last 4 years, so like 8 years of my only 21 year old life!! lol


Engaged. July 30 2007

it's not a great omg engagment, really. i was at my mom's visiting her for the day, and Ty called me and said to me that he had bought me earing cause he knew i always wanted them. big flashy diamond  earrings :D.. so when i got home he asked me if i wanted to go for a nice dinner, and on sunday at 7pm i was exahusted and said nah, let go to Mc Dicks, lol.. he tried to talk me out of it but i really just wanted junk for dinner... anyways we ate and got home and had a hot shower like always, put my jammies on, obvisouly hair in a wet pony tail, no makeup, looked like poop, and he said bunny, do u want your earrings? and i said oh yeaaa!! gimmie gimmie :D and when i turned over he was on one knee and he said somthing like " i want to spend the rest of my life with you" and thats all i remember......



Engagement Photos

we actually just recently took these with an AMAZINGLY talented woman that just unfortunatly moved provinces, she was right in the same city as i but moved to vancouver, bc. Jenn Williams of http://jenniferwilliams.com/ did srsly just the most amazing job on our pictures, i love ALL of them, here are a couple. i have a gallery with them all in it.http://www.kodakgallery.com/nicolemurch




Boudoir Photos

These are a wedding gift for my FH, jennifer williams also did these amazing photos, sorry these pictures are just taking with my iphone camera + crappy light, i havent put the disk she gave me on the computer cause i know a sneeky little boy that likes to snoop.... :) i got a flush mount 8x8 book with about 40 pictures in the book, with the disk + a lil cute flip book... i plan on giving this to him the morning of the wedding, and i blieve he will shit... he's been asking me for "sexy" pictures FOREVER.


this is the cd, and a couple pages of the double sided lil slide in flip book.




and here's a couple pages from the album.again sry for the crappy iphone photos :(

in the bottom right hand corner it says " for my husband "








one for his favorite team, GO OILERS :)


Hotel + Travel Agency

we choose Vicki Woolger from Cruise Express, she was amazing and has just been so easy to work with since i met her... we choose the hotel after many many many searches, we are very close with our families so we knew we wanted osmthing very kid friendly and still had that charm we were looking for, so we choose Barcelo Maya Colonial, Mayan Riviera



STD + Invitations

i dont have a picture of my save the dates, but i did make a thread for my invites, http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/59163/my-100-diy-pocketfold-invites-w-flicktures



tyler choose his and i choose mine and we paid for each others. mine is from independant jewelers, tylers is from concept jewlerys in St. Albert



my wedding dress

i still dont think i found the one, but it's close i guess.. i went through 4 and this is what i ended up with  it's by essence of australlia, my shoes are "frankie" juicy couture, garter from a seller on etsy





AHC dress + flowers

i never took a pic of the dress with me in it yet this is just off the internet.. hope my boobs look this good lol .. my friend owns a funky petals flower shop so i'm super excited, this is my inspiration.


Tylers Attire

he wanted some light and casual, his suit is from hugo boss, sandals from Aldo




Maid of Honor Attire & Best Man

i dont have any pictures of him but he is wearing beige linen pants from island importer and the same white sandals as tyler  and white buttom up from le chateau, my MOH is wearing this dress, no shoes and i got her tiffany necklace + bracelet to wear... the dress we got from bryans!



flower girls

got these cute tutus from an etsy seller, and the white body suit from an ebay seller.



 Real Touch Flowers

i made a thread about this, i think they turned out great. http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/58666/my-proof-for-my-real-touch-flowers-whatcha-think   here's some more pics of the finished product.




we choose ivan luckie, it was really quite simple, his pictures were AMAZING and the price was too, i will post a review when i get back and see the photos!



we have a smaller group comming so i decided to scrapbook it, it's like a "fill in the blank" kinda book.










now all the litle fun decor for tables, oot bags, reception, inspiration etc.


i have 50 of these in white blue and green, i will be making "throwies"


this is the cake i'm going for




chair sashes ordered from wedding linens direct.



centerpiece idea



this is what the flower girls will hold


table decor, got these maracas from amols.com and the tags from vista print



OOT bags, fold up small, unfold to be a big beach bag, filled with - all the items in the picture, plus playing cards and other litle things for the men :) lol



bubbles, rafia fans, & tears of joy packages for ceremony




ceremony sand, i have yet to buy my vases...



 my "mrs.rothe" hanger for my wedding dress, purchased from a seller on etsy.



picture stands, hard to tell in the crap pic but, i will use them for pictures of people

who couldn't attend our wedding but still mean alot to us.



turquoise tea light, table decor



by our cake i'm going to do a lil candy buffet, here's some candy + the plates




wedding favors, hot sauce, purchased from beau coup :)





there is more, but i'm exahusted, i'll add more tomorrow :)




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