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Hi Ladies I am selling a few items left over from my wedding last week :) I can do overnight shipping within the US for FREE!!! =) I'll also ship out of the country but there will be a shipping cost.


I have about 60-70 chair sashes and 8 or 9 table overlays ...the sashes are the same color as the overlays ...

I'm selling all the sashes for $50 and each overlay for $3 a piece

I'm also selling the pink feathered pen for $10




I have 21 maracas for $20 here's a picture =)


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We wrapped them in either bubble wrap or clothes and put them in our luggage ( we split them up in different bags so it wouldn't be so heavy using 1) ...I think 1 broke so you may want to bring 1 or 2 extra.

Originally Posted by nheche View Post

How did you get the moracca's there and back? Im just worried about getting them there.....

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