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Clark County Clerk's Office

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Has any of you ever dealt with the Clark County Clerk's office? I want a a friend of mine to officiate my wedding, and it appears she would need to register with them as a minister. I don't know a lot about this so any info would help.

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 Hi there :)


Looks like your friend should be able to get a Certificate of Authority to Solemnize Marriages within a few weeks provided she is "a licensed, ordained or appointed minister, or other person authorized to solemnize a marriage in good standing with his/her church or religious organization..."  ... "  from Clarkc County withing"


Here is the direct link to more information as well as the application for a Minister License:





Here is the contact information for tho Clark County Marriage Bureau:


Las Vegas Marriage License Office & Hours

Clark County Marriage Bureau

201 Clark Ave

Las Vegas, NV, 89115-1603

Phone: 702-671-0600

Hours: Open daily 8am – Midnight, including Holidays

Website:  http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/depts/clerk/services/pages/marriagelicenses.aspx 


Online Marriage Pre-Application:  http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/Depts/clerk/Pages/PreApp.aspx

(You can fill it out beforehand to save time applying for your Marriage License)



Hope this help! :)



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