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Paradisus Palma Real

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Hey ladies!


I am trying to work with various Travel Agents to get a group quote from Ottawa (Canada) to the Paradisus Palma Real in the DR in November 2011. I think my group will be about 35 people or so. The issue is the quotes I'm getting back from the travel agents are around $2200-2600, when I can find quotes on expedia for as low as $1650. I have no idea why no travel agents can match this!!!


I totally fell in love with this resort and really want to go here, but I cant see my guests paying $2200-2600 to go down south for my wedding. I was thinking it would be awesome to go through a travel agent so that my guests can book directly... Any suggestions on what I should do?!?! I'm really stressing out!


Much appreciated!!!



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