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What are your wedding MUSTS?

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Hey newbies,

what is your wedding MUST list?  Maybe once we throw the list out there, more experienced brides can toss out some suggestions??




kind of newer or at least updated

Nice, new or kind of updated rooms.  I cant handle outdated room with those tacky, awful & itchy comforters of yester-year.

light sand (MUST have a beach on site!)

possibly at our under 350/night per room for my guests

a private reception would be nice


I'm wanting to definately stay under 4000 for the wedding & reception since the dress, rings, travel and lodging expenses are going to be thousands.


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Mine are


- must be kid friendly but not overcrowded with kids

- must have decent food menus and prices

- must be affordable to guests

- must be easy to get to

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 My Musts


-Beach on site

-Kid Friendly ( I have a couple kids attending)

-All Inclusive Resort ( I want everyone to be able to eat & drink as much as they want)

-Private reception & Ceremony ( I don't like too many people watching me)huh.gif

-A semi-small resort so we can all find eachother fairly easy

-Reasonably priced rooms (I don't want to make my guests pay too much)

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