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beach centerpieces ideas with starfish/sea urchins

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Butterflyaniam - your pictures are amazing! I added them to my inspiration folder - thanks! I really love the look of candles, flowers and shells together on the table..It looks like it can be done inexpensively but looks so expensive..I'm trying to decide between real coral or faux coral

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It really can be not too expensive - I made an order on https://www.shellshopping.com/ for $100 (minimum) with free shipping and got the huge box full of starfish, sea shells and sand dollars. I will just add some candles and simple flowers and it should make it. After the wedding I will sell all the shells half price so the whole decor will come out really cheap. Too bad they were not selling the coral on that website but I'm still planning to buy some. Do you know where to find it cheap?

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