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Ok, so I have to thank Rebecca Aslin for her creativity and patience in doing my invites! They turned out great and my guests are really feelin' them. My pictures are sorta dark, so I'll explain a lil about what you're supposed to see, lol. Our theme, "Stars Over the Sea" was displayed on the cover (all done by Rebecca!) and inside cover for the formal invitation. The inside pages are travel, itinerary, and wedding info. The last picture is of a Ghanian Adinkra symbol that means "Except for God" (it says it on the back) and the symbol was the background in our passport. The RSVP is a tear-off card with 2 responses: "Olé!" or "Oh no!" ( my funny sense of humor). Here it is:

DSC00851.JPGDSC00852.JPG DSC00855.JPGDSC00856.JPGDSC00857.JPGDSC00858.JPG

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