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Is 10 months too early to send invites???!

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Before you gasp, here is our dilema:


We both live away from our families.  Me-10 hours, FH-2 hours.  So we do not have any local family, just a few friends.

Of our out of town guests.... pretty much no one is tech savy so I can't rely on a website to provide the information (half my family doesn't even have the internet!)  We have a website created, but realize that's mostly for friends and family won't utilize it.

We are getting married January 7, 2012 in Costa Rica. Our friends and families are not big travelers so making a trip like this will require a lot of planning and money planning.  However, we have heard through the grapevine that a lot of people are really interested in attending!!  Additionally, our TA has said that the early booking discount would end around April/May.  I want our guests to get the best deal possible!  Esp as this may make or break their attendance. 

Our postcard engagement announcements are going out in a few weeks.  On those we will have the date and website.


So here is my timeline/plan


1st week of December (1yr +1 month out) : Engagement Announcements


Middle of February (11months out) :  Formal wedding invitations

    - These will say: Join us for the wedding of Lauren and Hunter on January 7, 2010 at the RIU Guanacasta, Costa Rica. Reception in St. Louis to follow in February (however more formal

    - Also I will have a response card that says "Yes!  We are interested in attending!  Please send us more information so we can start the planning!  ( This is so I can start to get a head count on who really is interested in coming.  I will not require a "NO" response.)  Maybe a response by May?

    - Additionally an accomodation card with Hotel information and contact info for our travel agent.  Also have our website listed.


From there send those who responded with additional resort information and travel plans.


December 2011 (3 months out) :  Send at home reception invitations with response cards


Immediately after wedding:  Send out formal wedding announcements to all those invited









So.............  The question is:  Am I totally crazy for sending my invites like 10 months out??? Or am I just being a helpful bride trying to help everyone get the best deal on their travel and resort stay?!!?!? 




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I don't think its too early at all. I sent mines out with 7 months notice and I thought that was late. I think the more time you give the better outcome you will have!! 


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Thanks ladies! You are making me feel a lot less stressed.  Friends and family all voted YES to the early invites..... but all the boards I read give a big NO.  haha! 


But we chose not to do save the dates mainly because of costs.  Our invite list is nearly 250!!!  Of course, most are formalities and do not expect that many to attend  (more like 40 maybe!!!!)    But we didn't feel right not including people to our destination and only the AHR.  So that would become engagement announcements, STD, Invites +response cards, AHR + response cards, then wedding announcements all X 250!! My goodness, the postage alone!!!!!!


But I believe the earlier the better on the invites.  This way people can get a jump start on planning their holidays for the upcoming year/vacation time/$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  !!  However, people are welcome to book ASAP, or weeks before the wedding!  I just want a BIG window.  And STD didn't seem to cut it with the info I needed to provide (unless I wanted to pay the same cost as a full invitation!)


Thanks ladies!! 


@lesley ~~~ Don't worry, I don't think you are late!!  Personally, that we be enough time for us to plan!!  I just know my crazy family!  Plus, I'm in grad school right now and don't finish till 2 wks before the wedding, so I'm utilizing all school breaks this year to plan the wedding so I can focus on my 6 month rotation next year and NOT be wedding planning! haha!  Happy planning to you!


Keep the input coming!

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I think the 10 months is the way to go. We are getting married in Sept. 2011 and my invites will go out around the New Years. Keep in mind that we are booked, and the closest people (I required 10 people to put deposits down), are booked and now all the details. We sent out the STD in July.  This way, everyone has heads up, they can do their research and know the approx. costs. We are going off to Jamaica, so I mean, the prices for resorts are within the close range. Plus, like you said, this gives the ones that you REALLY want to come, enough time to plan their time off work, and to put money aside for the trip.  We are debating the RSVP cards, and just doing RSVPs via our website or by phone, but on the other hand, this may be a little uncomfortable for some.... so I may end up getting RSVPs at local store (to save on the custom made stuff), and just put it in the envelope.


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On our save the date, we had our website, date, place, etc, so people have known the details for a while, plus I send out group emails. Most people say they are going to book after the holidays who haven't booked yet. I can't believe it is only 6 months and one week away!

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Thanks for the info!!  We are keeping the invites very informal... They look super cute and formal, but the wording is casual.  We aren't giving specific times and such, just hotel and date.  The key to it all is that our response cards will say something to the effect of: Yes, we are interested in attending! Please send us more information!  and No, can't make it!  So that way people aren't obligated to give for sure YES, but we won't waste our time and postage resending things to people who can't come.  Plus I think bombarding people who I know won't come in the first place, kinda makes them feel awkward. 


Good luck to all the ladies planning! Sounds like you really have it under control!

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