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I'm sooo sorry it took me FOREVER to reply!!!  I hadn't realized someone replied but happy to see there is another bride :)   So since the last time I wrote almost TWO months ago (i'm terrible!!), we checked off a few things:


We have DJ All Music (i think thats the name) which I believe is through the Lomas site.  We are trusting our coordinator's recommendation but it's good to know that we can send him up to like 100 songs!


Makeup, I am going with the on-site spa group.  I opted to get a trial for makeup/hair as well.  I unfortunately do not know any makeup artists so I had to go with the spa. 


Flowers+Decor, all through Lomas site but I did ask my coordinator if I could make slight adjustments and she said yes!


Our ceremony is at the garden gazebo, cocktail at Zky and reception on the beach.  I am still a little torn about having the ceremony on the beach or the gazebo but we kind of like having 3 different staging areas.  We may end up changing this in the end.  I'm so glad you said the resort is beautiful! Can you please advise if the garden gazebo is nice?  I know it's close to the pool area but they are going to move the chairs and close off that area to guests a couple of hours for the ceremony. 


How's planning for you :)  Where are you having your ceremony/reception?



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Hey! Glad you are back. I have been pretty lonely! Haha!


If I remember correctly the gazebo is really nice. I do not think it is a traditional gazebo (like out of wood), but I do not remember too well. The whole place is beautiful though so I'm sure it will be okay. I do remember it is slightly close to the pool, but hopefully there will not be too many people around the pool. What time is your ceremony?


The Zky terrace is awesome. I am having my cocktail hour there as well. It is beautiful and you have a great view of the beach/pool area. The restaurant that is attached to it is beautiful too, I think the top of the restaurant where the Zky terrace is turns into a club at night.


I'm having my ceremony at the Catholic church at the El Dorado Maroma beach. It is beautiful. Then I am having the cocktail hour back at Azul Fives at the Zky terrace and then we are having the reception inside of their ballroom.


Planning is going good, but I still have a lot to do. We are expecting around 50 people. I just want to get everyone booked and ready to go. Yeah I am using the DJ from Lomas. I think his name is DJ Flacon though, not sure. I'm going ot use Carieb Photos for the pictures. What are your colors? I am doing coral and turquoise. What dinner option are you choosing? Sorry for so many questions. I'm just excited to talk to someone that is actually having theirs at Azul Fives!!

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hey!!! I think I finally figured this forum thing out hahaha.  I will def keep on track :)


Are you planning your wedding through the resort or a planner?  We chose to have destinationweddings.com handle the travel planning for the guests and theyve been extremely helpful.  They partnered us with a resort coordinator as well who's been handling resort details, decor, etc.  She's been wonderful too!!!  And i've only heard great things about the on-site team.  So far it's been pretty seamless, phew!


Ohhh I'm so glad you said the gazebo is nice :)  Right, it's not like a traditional gazebo i think.  I've seen pictures and it looks like a cement archway kinda thing (sorry for bad descript hahaha).  I'm hoping to be able to decorate it a little with sheeting and hanging flowers.  It seems like it's really close to the pool area but hopefully they are able to keep it private enough for us.  Our ceremony is at 4. 


I'm so excited about Zky terrace bc it looks awesome!! We actually wanted to have the ceremony there but they said it can only fit 25 seated guests and we're anticipating about 40+.  But having cocktail hour there will be great!!


We were thinking about having the reception indoors also.  I was worried about it being too hot but our coordinator and planner have assured us it will be comfortable after sundown.  +Knock on wood+  I hope it's comfortable enough for us!! and we arent like pigs in a blanket hahaha


Pictures, we have Claudia Photo.  She's been really nice too :)  Are you considering doing a trash the dress photoshoot?  I'm not, i def want to bring my gown back in one piece hahaha


Colors are navy and fuchsia.  Just ordered my Bridal part dresses this week as well and I went for the Amsale dresses in Cerise.  So we're working the decor around that.  We're keeping most of the floral decor in light pink and fuchsia with green accents.  The men are wearing navy.  I haven't chosen my flowers or food yet though.  Will do so around January when we know exactly how many people are coming.


YAY! have you worked on your invites?





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Hi everyone..


I am considering of of the Azul resorts for my wedding. We are planning it for May of 2013 (so far away), but I am loving the reviews on all of these resorts. I have a 1 year old daughter, one of my bridesmaids is pregnant now and will have her baby in June of this year so I had to find a really great resort that was kid friendly. So far this is by far the best one Ive found. I am so torn between which resort to chose! I have narrowed it down to Fives and Sensatori (I think?!? wacko.gif) i would love any help, information or pictures. I want to be sure at least one year before hand to make sure my family and friends will be able to join us! Cant wait to hear from you all!! woot2.gif

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I'm getting married at Azul Fives May 27, 2012. We did a site visit in October, and everything about Azul Fives blew us away! If anyone has any questions about the hotel itself, let me know since I've been there. I'm still trying to decide upon decor, but hoping that will come to me soon! Is anyone getting married there on May 25 or May 26? I know those dates were booked when I reserved our date, so I'm excited to meet the other brides that will be there that weekend.

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Hi! We were planning on having both the wedding and the reception on the beach, but I just came across a video on Azul Fives FB page of a couple who had their ceremony on the beach and their reception where the "garden gazebo" is. The reception looked really cool. So...now we're debating upon doing that. Where are you planning on having your wedding and reception?

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