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LilyRose's UNIQUE passport invitations! In love with them! *PICS*

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Hello ladies!


I have to thank you all for this amazing forum!  The idea of passport invitations is from here!


I had so much fun working on my invites... Can't wait to see the reaction of our guests!


I wanted my invites to have a professional feel in the design and printing. (I LOVE the attached RSVP card to tear off!!!)

Also, I went for something I have not seen before. It was sometimes challenging as our invites are bilingual (French-English) so I needed to dispatch the infos accordingly.


Of course, I choose pictures of us and of the resort to do something quite colorful!


You may also see that I have chosen a resort picture (mountains and sea) in the background of the outside part to add more depth to the cover. I'm also crazy about the stamps!  The airplane one is just too cute!










Here you can see the picture in the background...  The pages are machine-folded so the middle section look good on every page!



pass_insidemod.png   Tear off RSVP card folding inside the passport.       pass_inside1mod.png   pass_inside2mod.png   I really like the Polaroid style pictures!   pass_inside3mod.png    

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Oh no, I did not made these...I wish I could be so fantastic but...no! :-)

I just planned what I wanted and told the designer and we worked from there.

They were printed by professional printers too.

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Originally Posted by 82turtles View Post


Oh, and though I'm not sure I have the patience to do this lol, just have to ask.. did you use a template? Mind sharing that?? Thanks!


No template sorry...


I try the DIY but my talents were very limited in that area and I felt that the results were not at all what I had in mind! lol  

So I looked for designers.


I used the services of an amazing invitations designer.  Her name is Kate and she is based in the UK.  Even if I am in Canada, it was not a problem at all to work with her.

The fact that she is based in Europe was even an advantage for me as her designs was "off the beaten path".

She sent me a sample of a previous work (absolutely free)  so I was able to see the quality of her work before I choose to go with her.

She also sent her designs to professional printers for the best finish results.  

The shipping cost was very reasonable (50$) and quick (she said a week but I received them in 3 opening days).


Here is her website:



Hope it helps! :-)



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