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Bridal shop burned down... ALONG WITH MY DRESS!

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Yeah, I was affected too. My bridesmaids dresses were in the fire. I ordered them back in July because I am one of those "organized brides" who wanted my dresses to be in by December & Eva's told me they take 5 months to come in. My SIL kept calling while I was at work to let me know what happened, and she asked about the dresses coming in December. Unfortunately, like I told her, I got a call 2 wks before the fire letting me know the dresses would be in early. Now this is the crazy part... I called them the Saturday before the fire to ask if I could just pick the dresses up and the clerk told me I would have to get them on a weekday because they don't let anyone pick up dresses on the weekend. I told the clerk that I didn't need for anyone to try them on (I was getting them altered elsewhere), and she still wouldn't let me just get them. Then just a few days later, they burn down. I am glad no one got hurt, and I know it's not my dress- it's my bridesmaids dresses- but it took so long to find the perfect dresses in the perfect color & I'm a little stressed. I finally got thru on the phone to Eva's about a week after the fire, and I have to say I was disappointed. The clerk didn't  sound reassuring or helpful at all. She was able to pull my paperwork, and was like "ok, I see your order and you don't get married until April 30th so your dresses will be here by that day". I'm like "I don't want the dresses by that date- they need to be here much earlier than that! We're having a DW!" So she asks when I'm leaving and I tell her April 26th, and she tells me again- yeah, they should be in by that date. I wanted to cry, I mean like does she really think I want the dresses on the day I get on the plane? So I ask her, aren't they rush ordering dresses for those that got destroyed in the fire? I mean I ordered my dresses back in July for a reason, so I don't have to stress in case something is wrong with them- wrong color, wrong style- anything can happen. She tells me that they have good relationships w/the manufacturers & she doesn't think it will be any problems having the dresses by the time we leave. I tried telling her that I wanted them back earlier, what if they needed to be altered? She just told me it would be fine. That's all she said. I asked her to verify the manufacturer, style, color & sizes with me and she was like I got it sweetie! WTF? I called my cousin and she happened to be driving a few blocks from the temporary location of Eva's & she went to talk to the manager for me. Come to find out, they didn't even have my file in the "re-order box"!!! The clerk just threw it back in their files!! Well my cousin talked to the manager & she promised to personally take care of it. I just called this Wednesday to get an approximate delivery date. They told me late February/early March & I get marrieed in April, so I'm still stressing out...

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