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Honeymoon Cape Town South Africa?

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Hi Everyone,


So my now husband and I just returned from our destination wedding in Mexico. We are now into full force honeymoon planning :)

We were originally looking to go to Greece but now we changed our minds and want to go to Cape Town South Africa lol I know a drastic change.


Does anyone have any in site on where to stay and the airlines that have the best rates to go there? We also wanted to do a wine trail. If anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear.


Thank You!

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I went to CT with my school back in March and it's a beautiful spot! I know they have plenty of wineries there, so you have plenty to choose from. There's the big one by Franschoek named Roeschental (sp?). It's name is along those lines. Our group also went to Mhudi Winery, which is a black-owned winery a ways away from the first one I mentioned.


Our airline was South African Airways I believe. We flew out of JFK and did a nonstop. On the way back, we stopped in Senegal, got disinfected, and headed to JFK. I think no matter which airline you fly out of, you're gonna have an expensive flight just b/c of the distance. We stayed at the Protea Chain Hotels, one called Protea Fire and Ice Hotel. Great place that's near everything in downtown CT. It's also got a cool, modern, psychedelic atmosphere. The service is great and you can't beat their breakfast buffet! Just Google or go on TripAdvisor and you'll find it.


Hope this helps. Any questions, just PM me.

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