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Iberostar Paraiso Lindo/Maya - Does anyone have info or pics?

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I am new to the site and am waiting on confirmation from this resort if Nov. 7, 08 is available. I have seen some pictures, but am wondering if anyone has had their wedding there and can provide some more details. My fiance and I plan on staying in the Maya, and some of our guests will be doing the same. Some of the other guests may stay in the Lindo or Del Mar depending on what the cost is for 08. I want to have a barefoot beach ceremony, and have heard that you can have the ceremony between the Lindo and Maya which is more private (?) otherwise the beach by the Lindo has lounge chairs right by where the ceremony would be. Also, they said the dinner would be in one of the restaurants, and then we plan on renting one of the private rooms with a DJ for afterwards. If anyone can provide pics or more detailed information it would be greatly appreciated.



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