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I started making my chapsticks and I was too excited not to share, Im so happy with how they turned out!

I ordered the chapstick off of Etsy from a seller called beach in a box, Its shea butter chapstick, pretty generic so hopefully everyone will use it. I ordered the chapstick stickers from Rebecca (Allurments) they are waterproof labels, they say "You may now Kiss the Bride, but ask Chris (FI) first". The lady from beach in a box was also kind enough to send me shrink wrap strips so we can shrink wrap the chapstick closed so its nice and sealed up.


Before without the labels



And After








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I got the chapstick for $1.25, which included the shrink wrap strips, and the stickers were $1 a piece they are the waterproof ones so they were a bit more, but she can do the matte stickers or the glossy stickers for cheaper if you wanted to go that route

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