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Ipod or DJ????

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#1 wilsonj2

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    Posted 14 November 2010 - 06:54 AM

    Hi Ladies,


    I know, I know....I should be posting in the music section, but my question is specifically for Sandals brides who have chosen the long reception.  I am struggling to decide which will be best, because I have heard nothing about the DJs Sandals use.  We are getting married in St. Lucia, but I'm interested in any Sandals music experience.


    How was your experience?  If you're still planning, what have you chosen to do?  Do the DJs work with you on a song list?


    Thank you for any help!  The music is very important to me

    July 2011 ~ Sandals Grande St. Lucian

    #2 phatcapitillar

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      Posted 29 November 2010 - 11:34 PM

      Im having the same problem, but we're doing Beaches Boscobel.  I can't find any info on the DJ and everytime I ask the wedding planner it gets pushed aside.  Let me know if you find out anything! 

      #3 JB321

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        Posted 03 December 2010 - 08:20 AM

        (Wedding May 14, 2011 Sandals Ocho Rios)


        I know what you mean! Music is a big thing to me as well. Here's a couple of things that I planned so far:


        - I noticed that from youtube videos that somethimes they have a little radio or something that plays music while you wal down the aisle and the quality wasn't great, so I told them I wanted a violinst to play while we walk down the aisle. Not sure if you asked about this? The music isn't "wow" worthy and pretty boring. You can also bring an ipod for that if you like.


        - For the reception we went with a band and also a dj. My wedding planner is great and said that we can also send songs to the DJ. So for you first dance etc, they can play the songs you really want to hear. As long as you tell them your musical tastes and songs you must have, it should be fine. Many Dj's use Ipods and other technology now a days anyways so it's difficult to really screw it up.  I've been told they are local DJs that Dj at many events/clubs.


        I'm still waiting to hear from an actual bride that has had a dj and band...


        Hope that sort of helped.  

        #4 wilsonj2

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          Posted 04 December 2010 - 06:52 AM

          Thank you Ladies!


          I had a planning meeting with my travel agent Wednesday, and I received some more information.  I also did not like the music they provide for the walk down the aisle, so I decided to hire the steel drum band.  I couldn't get any details like band name, songs they play, etc., but she told me every bride that has used them has been completely happy.  She said I could send in song requests for my walk down and back up the aisle.


          For the reception, I'm still torn.  She said if we used an IPod, we would need to rent speakers to make it loud enough.  She's checking on the price for me.  I'm leaning towards a DJ if we have enough money, but I'm a little hesitant since I know nothing about the one they will choose.  She said I am able to send him requests for first dance, songs I really want him to play, etc., but you never know.  The DJ is 350 for the first hour and then 150 for each additional hour. 


          JB321, I'm so curious to hear how your's turns out!  What kind of band did you choose?

          July 2011 ~ Sandals Grande St. Lucian

          #5 JB321

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            Posted 04 December 2010 - 11:15 AM

            For the wedding we chose the full band/ house (all musicians) for the cocktail and beginning of the reception. I figured everyone would be eating and we'll have the first dances speeches etc. And then the 2nd half it's time to get crazy so we went for te DJ because I doubt the bands going to play Black eyed Peas or something lol. Plus I wanted to have all the party music to really have a ball.


            We went with the violinst for the walk down the aisle instead of a band because my wedding coordinator (Sheka) told me that the band would have to set up at the site and then move to the reception/cocktail site afterwords. The thought of all the moving around equipment/ pieces and them setting up at another location made me a little uneasy.  And I want things to go smoothly.


            I wanted guests to just arrive to the reception site and have the band there playing music and not arriving with them and setting up.


            Please consider that incase your reception is on a site further away from your ceremony site because if you are going to use that steel drum band in the reception, they may need to set up. Little things like that can take away from the feel.


            Also a little tidbit.  I youtubed a few videos and saw this one video of a couple was having their first dance and a sandals crew member was in the way of the video camera, setting up etc while they danced. I'm not a bridezilla, but I did mention to the coordinator that I don't want anyone in my shots, walking around etc during my ceremony, or making distractions setting up tables etc. EVERYTHING must be ready to go and run smoothly.


            Feel free to send me a PM message anytime. We can share notes :)

            #6 smfs

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              Posted 04 December 2010 - 08:46 PM

              I'm using an Ipod. We bought outdoor speakers that are plenty loud for under $30. And are small enough to pack. IHome makes them

              *16 confirmed~9/10/11~Nassau, Bahamas*

              #7 AnnMarie

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                Posted 11 December 2010 - 02:57 PM

                Anyone out there that has used the DJ?

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