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Internet Video Streaming from Cabo?

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I tried searching the forums but didn't see anything pertaining to Cabo...has anyone looked into either DIY or Professional streaming of their wedding?  We will have some family that cannot attend for health reasons and thought a live stream would be the perfect way to include them...we just engaged Tammy Wolff as our wedding coordinator and will ask her, but thought I'd post here as well in case someone's investigated.



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There are many ways to stream video live over the internet. It really just comes down to the quality of the video. There are many factors to consider such as internet connectivity etc. There are some free iPhone apps that allow you to stream video live over the internet... granted there is a 3G connection available. I would be happy to help you in finding a free or cheap solution that would work for you... just let me know.


Another option is a SDE... or Same Day Edit. It's quite popular these days in wedding cinematography and is offered by many professionals including ourselves. With a SDE you could have a very nicely edited video of your wedding day uploaded in High Definition the same day as your wedding... along with the ability to have it shown at your reception as well! 


Andrew | Wedding Filmmaker


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