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Beaches ~ Turks & Caicos Roll Call!

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Hi ladies, I just found this blog and spent my entire morning reading all 56 pages and Iâ€m so happy I did! My fi and I are booked at Beaches TCI for a May 4th, 2012 wedding. Two days after we booked, I was informed that my rent was going up $500 a month (yikes!) so weâ€re going to be pinching pennies until itâ€s paid for. I was pretty set on a beach ceremony but after finding this thread and seeing all the pictures Iâ€m really leaning towards a gazebo location now. I think weâ€re going to stick with the BB package, I was planning on using TI but am not sure if I will be able to now with the increase in rent. I also think I will be stuck having my hair and makeup done at the beaches spa. Does anyone have pictures of their hair and makeup done by the spa there? 


Iâ€m wondering how to suggest to my guests that they book at Beaches, I feel bad because itâ€s such an expense but itâ€ll really be a strain to pay for day passes for everyone. I sent out an email just saying if the booked anywhere other than Beaches to let me know because Iâ€d have to put them on a list for day passes but I did not say it would be an extra expense. How did you ladies handle this, is there anyway to do it without being tacky? Luckily weâ€re only expecting 10-15 but with the prices they charge for the passes that could add up quickly!


I'm also using the spa for my hair/make-up...has anyone else done this? It does make me a bit nervous.....would love to see some pictures of their work!

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Kimterrance- We took the pictures after our ceremony  (we started at 3pm and went until 6pm).


MissRodriguez- YES, that was our wedding song! Be ready to tear up..lol!


Also ladies, Iâ€m hoping to get a few pics this weekend from my parents, so I can post pictures of us signing our marriage documents along with our two witnesses, our cocktail reception and first dance pics. Once again, I went with the BB package and in my opinion all went well.

Hereâ€s a brief run down of how things went: The wedding began at 2pm (I didnâ€t have a bridal party), we said our vows, listened to the pastor  (who I thought was pretty good), walked over to the table to sign our marriage documents, then we walked to the gazebo to have our cocktail reception. By 3pm we were walking toward the Veranda Resort (next door) to meet Ileana on the beach and begin taking pics.



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Thatâ€s so funny, I was going to have it the 5th as well but they only had the 11 or 1 time slots left and I really wanted 4, so I settled for the 4th. I canâ€t wait, it seems so far away!

Originally Posted by jessimd View Post

Hey Soxi,

I'm getting married May 5th, 2012!!!! How exciting that you are getting married a day be fore me!!!


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Okay ladies, I updated our list for us! If i missed anyone, or messed up anything let me know!!! Brandy and Michelly are next!!! When do you girls leave???




Brandy: 4/2/2011

Michelle-2: 4/14/2011

AandA: 5/4/2011

Hockeymom: 5/5/2011

TracyLynn: 5/11/2011

MissLinz: 5/18/2011

MsRodriguez: 5/19/2011

LaurenMarie: 5/21/2011 

JuanitaD: 5/21/2011

Kendall: 5/21/2011

TheHogans (Molly): 5/21/2011

lv1044: 5/27/2011

Priscilla: 5/28/2011


Caroleandchad: 6/4/2011

TimsWife2B: 7/3/2011

MissKady: 7/6/2011

Bfrisk72: 7/7/2011

Butterfly913: 7/9/11

Barefootidos: 7/29/2011


Trimalusta: 9/24/2011

HandCinTandC: 10/7/2011


Nicb1rd: 12/2/2011

Mrszahakos: 12/3/2011

Lizzdee: 1/21/2012


CandM2012: 2/2012



Urmysunshine: 6/22/2012

Kirsten: 7/7/2012

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I know everyone has bee trashing the beaches photographers, but has anyone actually seen recent photos from their photographers?  I think Tropical Imagings photos are great, but I don't like the inconvenience of having to leave the resort to have them taken, plus that also means they cannot take the ceremony or reception photos...and if you want your family/friends to be in photos they also have to leave the resort to get the pictures.  I am planning on going with the Beaches photographer but wish I could see current photos from an actual wedding that is not from their portfolio.  The do have pictures & video online as a portfolio available for viewing.

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Hi TimsWife2Be,


I actually talked with a lady on tripadvisor sometime last year when I was struggling with the same thing you are. She sent me her professional pics from Beaches. I'll let you be the judge...


Send me your email address and I will forward a few to you.

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