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Beaches ~ Turks & Caicos Roll Call!

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#591 kimterrance

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    Posted 24 March 2011 - 10:29 AM

    Stella5511- I was having the same debate with myself. I ended up getting a Beaches photography package and then having TI do a shoot 2 days later for an "island session" with us. I am sure Beaches has great photographers, but I think TI photos are totally different because it is out and around the beautiful island:-)


    Brandy- I am also trying to decide what to do for the reception. I would LOVE the calypso band to give the island feel! Can't wait to hear your feedback on how it works out. Do you know anyone who has chose an instrument (guitar,steel drums) for the ceremony? I saw them options in the new kit I just got frim my TA and was interested in maybe having an instrument for the ceremony?

    Good luck & Congratulations!


    Here is a link to the new Beaches Martha Stewart Weddings sales kit dated 3/1/11 in case anyone needs it:-)  http://mail.aol.com/..._Kit_3-1-11.pdf 

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      Posted 24 March 2011 - 11:39 AM

      Brandy - good luck, enjoy your day and fill us in when you get back!

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        Posted 24 March 2011 - 12:03 PM

        Hi Girls,

        We’re all booked !!! finally J

        Here is the plan…

        We have 27 adults (including the 2 of us) and 3 kids traveling with us.  We’re leaving May 1, 20011 and the wedding is on May 04, 2011.

        We get there on Sunday around noon and the plan is to meet everyone in our room to have a toast and give them the loot bags and off we go on a bar hopping tour. (get to know the resort)

        Monday : drinking game day (twister, kings,…), the purpose is to get everyone drunk enough so they can’t drink as much on Tuesday (the day before the wedding) we have a crazy group…everyone loves to drink and party..hahaha

        Tuesday : relaxing day (everyone should be hangover)

        Wednesday :  wedding day…. The ceremony is on the beach @ 1:00 pm (chic and natural).  I’m doing my makeup and hair with Shenique. 

        After the ceremony we have our half an hour complimentary reception to have a toast with everyone and take pictures and hangout for couple of hours.  We’ve got the beaches photography package since we wanted to have pictures of the ceremony and reception.  Here is the package we got:

        Package 2       Best Value (red tab)  

        ·         Two hour session w/Professional Photographer

        ·         One 12x12 Wedding Album (with 110 photos)

        ·         Two 8x8 Parent Books

        ·         40 Thank You Cards

        ·         Two Calendars

        ·         Two Magnets

        ·         CD with Original Photos

        ·         FREE 20x30 hand painted canvas (a $300 value)

        Sale Price:  $1,565

        At around 4:30 Andrew and I leave to take pictures with Ileana (I couldn’t resist) !!  and our guests will have a couple of hours of free time. I’ve bought 2 dresses (they’re not wedding dresses, simple bridesmaid dress in ivory) so I can trash one :o crazy I know !!!

        We’ll be back at the resort by 6:30 -7 and the plan is to have a cocktail hour with the calypso band and then 2 hour duo plated dinner reception with the DJ. Here is the menu and it’s $75 pp.

        A Touch of the Tropics Plated Dinner Duo

        Minimum 8 guests – Based on 2 Hours of service

        Bride and Groom must make menu selections during Planning prior to arrival

        Offered between the hours of 4pm to 9pm

        Beer, Wine, Spirits and Soft Drinks


        Please select ONE of the following

        Island Potato Soup with Salt cod and Chorizo

        Select Green Leaf Salad

        With Mandarins, Toasted Almonds and Sherry Vinaigrette

        Pepper Crusted Beef Carpaccio

        With Olive Salad, Toast Points and Garlic Aioli

        Island Crab Cakes

        On a Spicy Fruit Salsa


        Please select ONE of the following

        Lobster Crusted Salmon Fillet with Herb Grilled Filet Mignon Duo

        With Garlic Herbed Mash and Champagne Butter Sauce


        Grilled Chicken Breast and Shrimp Duo

        With a Soft Whipped Polenta and Burgundy Jus

        All of the above entrees served with Market Fresh Vegetables


        Please select ONE of the following

        Chocolate Truffle Cake with Raspberry Fruit Coulis

        Fresh Caribbean Fruit Cheesecake with Rum Sauce and Honey Tuille

        Pineapple Baked Alaska

        Freshly Baked Bread Rolls and Butter

        Tea and Coffee


        I'm assuming the dinner would be about an hour and the rest we can dance and party and god knows where we’ll end up after that…

        Thursday : relaxing day.

        Friday : toga party.

        Saturday : marty gras party…. I’ve bough beads and masks…. Haha

            Sunday : all of our family and friends leave and we stay for another week to recover….

        I can’t wait !!! Good luck to everyone.

        Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions J

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          Posted 24 March 2011 - 12:55 PM

          Hi timsWife2B,

          Here is what Monica send me while ago when I was trying to decide about the beaches photography...hope it helps.

          I know everyone has bee trashing the beaches photographers, but has anyone actually seen recent photos from their photographers?  I think Tropical Imagings photos are great, but I don't like the inconvenience of having to leave the resort to have them taken, plus that also means they cannot take the ceremony or reception photos...and if you want your family/friends to be in photos they also have to leave the resort to get the pictures.  I am planning on going with the Beaches photographer but wish I could see current photos from an actual wedding that is not from their portfolio.  The do have pictures & video online as a portfolio available for viewing.


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            Posted 24 March 2011 - 01:17 PM


            Hi Ladies


            I hope this help, there was a past bride/groom name,Ceproto,and they got married on 2-5-11 at BTC.  They had use beaches photographer name Patrick that was recommended from their TA.  There reviews and pictures are on page 34 on this thread.  If you click this link or copy and paste, your should be able to see their pictures....... https://picasaweb.go...eat=directlink#

            #596 TheHogans

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              Posted 24 March 2011 - 03:55 PM

              Ok, so does anyone know the difference between the steel pan player and the calypso band? I booked the steel pan player, but now I'm thinking I made the wrong choice! They are the same price....which I think it's hard to believe that one guy playing the steel pans would be equal to a full band!? 

              #597 MrsRodriguez519

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                Posted 25 March 2011 - 05:07 AM



                You'll have to let me know when you get back how you made out cause I am worried about my guest not controlling themselves the night before the wedding. We have a lot of 35 and unders going who are like to party and drink. I had a similar plan to get them all drunk so they would have a hang over the day before the wedding and not drink but I'm nervous about that not working.... haha Also let me know if you guys fit in or if everyone stares at the drunk partiers. Have a great time!

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                #598 Stella5511

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                  Posted 25 March 2011 - 08:17 AM

                  KimTerrance- Thats what we are doing as well. We have a small Beaches package, but then 2 days after on May 7th we are going to do the Trash The Dress shoot w/ TI...it gives me another chance to wear my dress! :) I will let you know how everything works out! :)

                  #599 kimterrance

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                    Posted 25 March 2011 - 09:26 AM

                    Stella 5511- Please let me know how it turns out! I think the TTD is going to be a blast!! Thanks and good luck!

                    #600 kimterrance

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                      Posted 25 March 2011 - 09:28 AM

                      The Hogans- I am wondering the same thing. I was interested in possibly getting something for my ceremony also, but not sure what instrument to go with. Please let me know if you find out anything, and I will keep you posted also.

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