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Mantilla Veil/Hair/Change of Veil Suggestions please

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Hello Ladies,


I am feeling overwhelmed by the whole mantilla cathedral veil (with a detachable blusher) that I am wearing for my ceremony and what to do with it for the reception. Ideally i would love to wear my veil all night, but since it is a cathedral veil, it will most likely be too heavy to wear all night (even if bustled). So a couple areas i'm confused at what to do and would greatly appreciate any suggestions you ladies may have!


I have super straight hair and halfway down my back in length, if i wear my hair down (which this is what i think i'm going to do) I'm assuming that in order to keep the veil from falling (since i will wear on the crown of my head), they will need to put lots of bobby pins in there to hold it in place. So if this is the case, when i go into the reception, i was thinking of doing a veil switch to something shorter, but don't know if that is possible since i don't think it will be easy to take out the original veil and put in the new veil and having it hold in place. I figured maybe i can add something to my hair together with the mantilla veil, but I don't think that with a mantilla veil you can add anything to your hair, like a tiara or such while the veil is on. Don't know...maybe it's possible. 


But anyway, any suggestions or pictures of how i should consider having my hair/veil so that I'm not without a veil at the reception would be helpful. I've searched the internet for pictures of like a switch in veils and how brides deal with that, but I just assume the girls take their veils off for reception time....so no luck there.


Thanks again and sorry for the long post!

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