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Las Vegas After Wedding Dinner Locations....Suggestions and/or Reviews Please

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Hi there,


My soon to be husband and I are getting married on December 28th at Mandalay Bay.  We are not having a reception.  Instead we thought we would get our small group together for dinner at a restaurant.


Would anyone know of a good place to go that can accommodate a group of 10 to 15 people in a private or semi-private setting?  We would prefer to stay on the strip but are open to other suggestions as well.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you, 



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I Keep holidays in mind when choosing your Lass Vegas wedding date. Valentine's Day is a hugely popular date for weddings in Lass Vegas, and while it might seem romantic, you may change your mind after waiting in line for a wedding chapel for up to five hours. New Year's Eve is another busy wedding day in Lass Vegas.

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