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Um, yes a Private Villa in the Dominican Republic will do just nicely, thank you.

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Villa Flor De Cabrera



So you're probably sitting there looking at this picture and thinking, "haha yeah, like that's real". But let me tell you my friend. . . it is. It sooooo is. This is Villa Flor De Cabrera in the Dominican Republic. What you see here is all real. And it could be yours for 4 days, a week, a month however long you want to stay!! Its a 10 bedroom rental villa complete with a full amazing staff AND a laundry service. Why do I bring up laundry service? Because you know that when you are out on a vacation you have all this dirty laundry when you get home and it sucks. Not here. You put your clothes in the basket and the next morning- BOOM its there and clean.

No but really, this place is amazing. Its perfect for weddings, family reunions, or just plain fun getaways.

Weddings are perfect because not only can you have your reception but the bride and groom can turn it into a honeymoon! So its basically like a "weddingmoon" destination. There is a one bedroom, one bathroom, 'one outdoor bathtub' Casita just on the edge of the property overlooking the ocean and its spectacular views. (In February you can see whales from your bed, just saying)

For family reunions its great because the property is just big enough that you don't see your family every second but when it comes down to it, you're all together. Plus there are a ton of group activities to do around the villa or within a short drive. So if your family is as crazy as mine and like to do crazy things you're in luck!

And of course for those 'I need to getaway from reality right now' trips this is where its AT! Its quiet and peaceful yet fun and free. You are about 30 steps down to the beach which is in your backyard or about a 30-45 minute hike to a beautiful waterfall. This place has everything.

If this has intrigued you to check it out, please visit the website or e-mail me.



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