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Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe

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Soon2beJara, on 29 Jan 2016 - 2:01 PM, said: @@eri9384.. Once again thanks for all the good info. @@Reign14 My wedding is set for August 5, 2016. So Excited. What are you guys doing for center pieces? Or what did you do @eri...? I dont like the ones included in my package and the ones they offer seem soooo expensive. Im having almost 100 guest so I'm looking at almost 10 tables. Trying to figure out what I am going to do. Please let me know if you have any good ideas.

Hey my wedding is on July 29,2016 and I'm also bringing my own center pieces, the resort's prices are insane. I don't think in the states will be that expensive. I will be using fake boutique flowers with acrylic square vases . Filling the vase with clear marbles and a LED light.</p>



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The DJ played mostly spanish music that we requested, Salsa, meregue, and bachata. English music was current dance music and some older hip hop also that we requested.


To be honest I actually don't remember all that well, it went by so quickly :( I do remember all of us having a blast though:) 

@@Reign14 The fish and pork were delicious. My husband and I tried both. The pork was actually better than the fish. We didnt get not one complaint from anyone, they all praised the food. 


Our Reception was in the ballroom because of the # of guests we had (82) also I didnt want the reception to be outside in case it was really humid, which it actually wasnt.


My colors were Coral and Blue. See the attached slideshow done by Tropical Pictures. Just click no and continue.

https://www.dropbox.... Day !.m4v?dl=0


My hair and makeup were done off the resort at a Salon called Miu Salon in the Plaza San Juan less than a 10 minute taxi ride. I posted some pics of the before and after makeup earlier. The makeup artist is wonderful. Shes originally from NY.  


The room I had was the Grand Suite Ocean Front Club Premium. To save money I originally booked the Jr. Suite Deluxe for 4 nights and the Suite Ocean Front for 3 nights. The Jr. Suite Deluxe was upgraded to the Jr. Suite Deluxe Ocean Front Club Premium, however at check in I realized that I did not want to change rooms in the middle of the trip, so at Checkin I asked how much it would be to upgrade the first 4 nights to the Suite Ocean Front so that I would be in the same room for all 7 nights. The problem was this room was not available for all 7 nights. SOOOOO, for $800 more in total, the resort gave me the Grand Suite Ocean Front Club Premium (2nd to highest room) for all 7 nights.


we arrived to the resort on a Thursday, married Tuesday and left the following Thursday. I highly highly reccommend that you spend the minimum amount of days before the wedding and stay longer than I did after the wedding. I wish I had more time alone with my husband once our guests were gone.   I figured oh the whole week is going to be like a honeymoon so I do not need to stay longer, but I was so anxious and nervous and running around before the wedding we never had time to relax. 


If you have more questions email me privately. My wedding planner was Elizabeth BTW



Beautiful slide show and wedding! The chapel is gorgeous. Thanks for the advice. We are going on a Wed, marrying that Sat, and staying until the following Friday. It's our honeymoon too so we figured we want to relax even after all the guests are gone. Thank you so much for explaining which rooms are which. We went ahead and booked the Jr. Suite Deluxe Ocean Front Club Premium for all the nights. I want to get upgraded but don't want to risk not having a nice room if they can't. Happy to hear that people loved the reception food...the pork sounds tempting! As of now we're doing the chicken and steak. Thanks for the makeup recommendation too! I may contact her.

@@eri9384.. Once again thanks for all the good info.

@@Reign14 My wedding is set for August 5, 2016. So Excited.


What are you guys doing for center pieces? Or what did you do @eri...?


I dont like the ones included in my package and the ones they offer seem soooo expensive. Im having almost 100 guest so I'm looking at almost 10 tables. Trying to figure out what I am going to do.


Please let me know if you have any good ideas. 

Think I'm gonna go with one of their $45 centerpieces. I'll only have like 5 or 6 tables so I'm just going to factor it into the budget. To me it's worth the convenience of not having to do it myself.

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I'm getting married August 18, 2016 and I'm having a hard time with the centerpieces I feel like it's over price and I honestly don't like them that much.  Has any one shipped over items for your wedding to the resort? I'm honestly thinking about it but I'm a bit hesitant.  Thank you in advance

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You can ship items to the Hotel. Elizabeth my WC gave me the information below. The way it works is that you have to send your package to Miami (costs not included in prices below) and the package is sent to the shipping company in Bavaro, Dominican Republic. The package sits with the shipping company until you arrive at the hotel, extra charges for this as well for the shipping copany to hold the package. You can then either pick up the package yourself ( no extra charge for this) or the shipping company will deliver it to the Hotel on the day you arrive (additional cost for this as well).  I was trying to send a 50 pound box with my centerpieces and 60 beach bags that I gave out as welcome gifts. It was going to run me about $500 - $600 whihc defeated the whole purpose of taking my centerpieces. I ended up asking several people to carry suitcases with stuff and 4 people handcarried by centerpieces. Nothing broke and everything made it safely well before the wedding day. 



By CPS company charges $218.25 Dominican pesos per pound. When the value of

the package exceeds US $200, customs duty will be charged. The client must contact the courier

at 1-809-788-8872 before sending anything and inform us of the content of the packages as well

as with regard to sending the invoices for customs. (Prices are subject to change).


 The address to be used is as follows:


Barceló Bávaro Beach 

1733 NW 79th Ave. 


Doral, FL 33126-1101 


     Tel: 809-959-1173 / 809-788-8872

     E-mail: anatdominguez.cps@@gmail.com  / gmorel.cps@@gmail.com   


Once the package arrives in the country it will be kept at the shipping company. When you arrive,

the  package  will  be  delivered  to  the  hotel.    Shipping  and  delivery  costs  will  be  paid  for  by  the

bride and groom.

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Thank you so much for the information.  I was planning on telling my wedding party to carry some stuff for me. Also, did they give a hard time at the airport with the centerpieces?. Were they glass?I was thinking of purchasing some glass items in the US and bringing them with me. I'm just wondering if the airport will give me a hard time. 


Thank you in advance. 

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I had about 3 or 4 girls carry 3 large glass vases for me. They carried them by hand in a large shopping bag that fit right under the seats of the plane. I wrapped them all in bubble wrap so they wouldn't break. I also took an extra two of everything in the event something broke, but nothing did. No one had a hard time carrying these on the plane. 


I myself carried 12 glass plates for the vases to sit on as part of the centerpiece. Security checked my bag going but other than that there was no problem. 


Some stuff I left behind in the hotel (such as the glass plates) cause I just didn't want to carry them back. I told the wedding planner to keep them. It's a shame because I didn't any money back for it, but it would have cost a lot more renting the centerpieces from them. 

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Hello ladies ! I am recently engaged and have been doing a ton of research and have come to really like Barcelo Bavaro thanks to this thread for all the amazing reviews ! I just emailed them inquiring more information but I am wondering if anyone is planning a wedding for late 2017 already ? I also just wanted to see how much you all paid with all said done through the hotel for the wedding , if that's not too much to ask ?!

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@@KC143 @@Reign14 @JE0721@eri9384


Thank you all for you input regarding the center pieces. I'm thinking about doing the same and just having a few of my girls bring some of the cylinders and just making my own centerpieces. Also since I would like the center pieces to match the girls bouquets, i am probably going to be making those too.  


I am 5 months away & starting to feel stressed! I feel all over the place and a little disorganized. Anybody have any suggestions as to organizing all of this stuff?! I'm usually really good at organization but its hard planing everything back and forth through emails. 


Did anyone do a cocktail hour?



Annie (Wedding August 5)

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Hello Everyone! Hope everyone is having "FUN" Wedding planning. 


I'm currently looking into makeup artiest and hair stylist. I have about 10 girls including myself that need to have hair & make up done. 


I'm thinking about the resort salon but still waiting on their prices...


or I was hoping to maybe find someone locally and having them come (Hopefully with a team since were 10) to my room and having everything done there. I think i would have to pay for a half a day pass per person that I hire but maybe this would be a cheaper option then the resorts salon. I  do not want to have to leave the resort with that many people then have to come back and all get dressed. 

so if anybody knows anyone in the punta cana area who does make up or has heard of services like the one i'm looking for please let me know!!!!


i'm open to ideas !


Thanks ladies ;)

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I just wanted to say that I'm 2 weeks away from my wedding at BBPD!!! I'm excited, anxious, and calm all at the same time.


Any last minute advice is welcome!

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