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Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe

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    Posted 28 May 2012 - 07:05 PM



    We only have our video on a DVD, sorry!  As for my photog, her website is carolinedixey.com and she is from Chicago, like us.




    We had no problem talking them into a different ceremony location than what they normally do.  We brought it up to Marlene in our meeting after we had scouted out the area by ourselves when we got down to the resort.  After the meeting we went out to show her what we were thinking and she was on board.  They did more or less what we waned - the main nice thing was that our guests were in the shade.  We wanted the ceremony to be at the base of this hill in the garden but they had set up the "altar" at the top of the hill - was a little awkward to walk up!  Not a big deal though because everyone said the light on us at that time of day looked great.  I would recommend the ceremony by this hill - you will see what I'm talking about when you get down there.


    I honestly don't remember how big the space was in front of the gazebo, but when Jeff & I were playing around with the space inside the gazebo, we felt that it could adequately and comfortably fit 60 people in it.  We had 72 so it would have worked but it would have been a tight squeeze.  By the way, the gazebo does not have that god awful red roof anymore - they have painted it white - it looks MUCH better.


    Also, just to clarify - there are two gazebos: one by the beach which is right in the middle of the resort and gets all the speedo and thong traffic, and one in the garden which is super private and away from the main part of the resort in the convention center.  Regular guests would have no reason to go there unless they were really curious while walking the grounds.  We did not see any other guests during the wedding.


    I think you can rent out a restaurant but it's expensive.  We had initially asked about a rehearsal dinner at one of them and they were $8000 to rent out ($10,000 for the French I think).    Here was her email response to the rehearsal dinner question:


    Now if you want to have one of the restaurants private for the rehearsal dinner is $8,000usd with food, waiters, drinks. French restaurant is $10,000usd. this will be 100% private for you and having the confirmation from you on this we will close/block the restaurant for that night only from you.


    Jellyfish is super popular now and if you've been following the thread on this forum, I think they mentioned that Mayte (the wedding contact there) is doing something crazy like 20 weddings a month there.  If you are considering them, I would contact her asap.  We had our rehearsal dinner there and it was beautiful!



    Taxes are included in the price (we did not have a separate line item for them on our invoice) but tips are not included and they don't add auto-grat onto the invoice so tips are at your discretion.


    We did not pay extra for a dance floor.  It was just an open area in Bar Higuey.  Not sure how they do it for the ballrooms.


    I'm not sure what you meant by your third question - if your wedding guests are staying at the Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort (so, either the Palace Deluxe or the adults-only Bavaro Beach) you do not have to pay for a day pass.

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      Posted 28 May 2012 - 08:05 PM

      Trivera5521, could you please send me the color swatches? My email is christylyon1@yahoo.com


      Thank you!



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        Posted 29 May 2012 - 06:26 AM

        Thank you so much Sunny for all your awesome information!! Really helps for planning and also makes me feel A LOT better about stuff! Thanks again!! 

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          Posted 29 May 2012 - 07:27 AM

          Hi Ladies!


          I am new to the forum, so I apologize if this is a repeat question! I am getting married at the BBPD on December 12, 2012 (12.12.12) :D and I am having some problems with booking our actual package. Originally we were going with the Mint Breeze package as our budget is not that big. And now our group is at about 50 guests and we are thinking the final number will be around 60 guests. Marlene told me since we are so many, they will be sticking us the a Buffet as an a-la-carte can't hold that many.


          I don't know about any of you but the idea of walking around a buffet in my wedding dress with all the other random hotel guests around is ridiculous!!! Not to mention I don't think it's overly fair the resort is almost penalizing me for bringing so many guests to it by moving us from an a-la-carte to a buffet!


          So my next thought was to upgrade our package to the "Strawberry passion" one were we would get a 3 hour dinner in a "ballroom". Going with this option increases the package price from $1650 to $2780. Which my fiance and I were willing to spend. But not Marlene is telling us since the package is only for 25 guests, any guests over would be an additional $50 per person! meaning the package would be $2780 plus $50x 35 more people making the package cost us $4530. Which is just way too much money in my opinion considering 1) All the guests coming to the wedding are guests and the resort, 2) we are only given 1 option for the dinner, 3) the hotel is all inclusive, I find it puzzling they want to charge me $50 more per person!!!


          Do any of you also have this problem, or perhaps any ideas on what I could do???





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            Posted 29 May 2012 - 08:09 AM

            Yay guys my wedding date has been confirmed! June 22 2013 at 4pm :) but I haven't been asked to pay a deposit yet.......

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              Posted 29 May 2012 - 08:49 AM

              How were you able to confirm your wedding time? When i try to do that they tell me the timing is all based on the judge and that I won't get a time until about 2 weeks before my wedding date!!

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                Posted 30 May 2012 - 09:02 AM

                CoCo are you sure Marlene wasnt suggesting that you have the wedding package buffet that is part of the other packages?  It wouldn't be the actual buffet that is used by the whole resort, but a buffet style dinner rather than an alacarte.  Like in part of my package there is options for buffet light, premium and one other option....but it would only be set up in my reception area which is private and just for my guests.  I would double check with her, because that sounds so crazy if she would want you all to use the resort buffet. I mean you are not paying for nothing! :) 


                Also, I was also able to get my time scheduled for 4pm.  As well as my cocktail hour and reception.  The only thing I can think of is one- I am doing a symbolic ceremony and actually getting married in the states so not to deal with the paperwork...and so  I dont require a judge....or two- if you are doing a catholic wedding that might be something as well.  


                Hope this helps! 

                #228 natalieblev

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                  Posted 30 May 2012 - 09:04 AM

                  Ncordero- I also have not received the contract that requires the money wire deposit, but was able to confirm my date and time.  I have been waiting for over two weeks now and I still have not made any progress with that.  Let me know if you finally get through to them! I know they are busy, but you would think they would want our money! :) 

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                    Posted 30 May 2012 - 09:42 AM

                    Ncordero and NatalieBlev,


                    So you both got confirmations but they havent sent you the actual contract or the information to make the payment? I got confirmation on Monday but still havent received anything either which makes me really nervous.


                    Who is your wedding coordinator? Mine is Lianny and she seems nice but takes FOREVERRRR to answer



                    #230 ncordero6504

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                      Posted 30 May 2012 - 10:39 AM

                      I myself haven't had any contact with the wedding coordinator my travel agent is the one contacting marlene but I'm going to start emailing her. My TA forwarded me the confirmation email and it said the judge is available that day and 4 pm was confirmed. I'm having a civil wedding. My wedding is also so far away so maybe that's why they know what's available idk. I'm just nervous that they haven't asked for some kind if deposit I don't want to lose my date eventhough they said it was confirmed but I'm going tomorrow to my TA and ill update you guys with any news

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