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Hi Sunny, can you send me some pictures or video to jgwedding2012@hotmail.com I'm having my wedding at BBPD on September 28, 2012 so far I have chosen the Beach for the Symbolic Wedding but I still haven't chosen the reception area... and I'm curious to see how they set up the reception etc...


Thank You!

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Originally Posted by JG Corona View Post


Hi I'm having my wedding in September 2012 at Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe...I would love to see how they set up the Reception Area, all I've received so far are the beach set up, but not the Reception area ? Also I booked the Strawberry Passion Package, does this include the DJ etc...I have so many questions, because when I e-mail them it takes them 2 to 3 days to get back to me =( and I want to make sure I don't miss anything...any information you can provide me would be great...pictures would be good to so I can get an idea of what to expect...and if you have any suggestions please feel free to tell me...Thank You! Future Bride Julissa Corona. undecided.gif



Originally Posted by busybride2012 View Post


I recently got with my travel agent (who's first language is Spanish, she is located in Florida) and told her about my frustrations with the lack of communication from Marlene. She was able to get through to Marlene and clear up a lot of things in a matter of an hour, imagine that. She said that the price for the beach reception is actually an additional $15. What Marlene apparently means when she says an additional $65 is that its $65 for each person not included in your package (guests 36 and up if you have the tangerine sunset package) and $15 extra for those included in your package. I guess each package is based on a built in price of $50 per person. This is much more reasonable, but still something Im not totally sold on. If I have 50 people that really adds up. I absolutely don't want to have it inside, but its a matter of talking my fiancé into the extra money. He says everyone is going to be on the beach plenty between the ceremony and the rest of the week, so why do we need to pay an extra $750 on top of what we are already paying. Also after reading Sunnys review about the sand blowing all over I am kind of concerned that this would not make for a pleasant dining experience, sand in food is not very tasty! The travel agent also told me Marlene said the extra money spent for the beach wedding will not be refunded if for some reason there is bad weather or they can't do it on the beach. The beach reception is looking less and less exciting the more I think about it. As a general matter I am really laid back when it comes to the details of my wedding, I guess I just get worked up when they start nickel and diming you to death. I feel like they should be bending over backwards to accommodate brides in their requests when we are bringing them so much business. 


My travel agent also sent me some photos of things, which I don't think I have previously seen on this blog. I don't think I can attach pictures to this site, at least I don't know how, but if anyone is interested I can email them to you. 


And she did mention the "pinecone centerpiece" that Sunny mentioned. I too will probably upgrade that. It certainly is not cute. 


Sunny, thanks for the great review. It makes me feel better about everything. However, my fiancé said when we signed up for the destination wedding that he was worried the $4000 we paid that was supposed to include everything was in fact not going to "include everything." I am not looking forward to telling him that he is right, because there are numerous things I want to add. 


I think I read it somewhere, but can someone refresh my memory as to how much it costs just to reserve the rooftop for a gathering (I think I will go off what Sunny said and just have my guests walk the 30 seconds to the bar that is really close rather than pay an extra 10 per hour for drinks that are already supposed to be all inclusive).


Sorry if my message is all over the place!




I agree with you 100% its even hard to negotiate a block of rooms I have about 35 guests attending and I feel they should give us a block of rooms at a discounted price...its crazy how we have to pay the package and plus our guests are also paying for their stay at full price when in reality its going to be the same food from the resort etc...its like we are double paying for them to eat at another location in the same resort with the same food...but anyways yes if you can share your photos that would be great...my wedding is on September 28, 2012...my e-mail is jgwedding2012@hotmail.com.

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I feel you Trivera, I got an e-mail from her telling me that I was sending her too many e-mails and to please send her one e-mail because I"m confusing her with everything but she takes forever to respond and I get impatient crybaby2.gif


We are paying so much money we should be treated nicer. What day is your wedding ?

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ncordero- It is my understanding that at this resort they will need to finish payment within 60-90 days before travel...so that is basically what I am sticking with.  Although I feel like if someone hasnt bought a plane ticket within five months of the trip, they most likely aren't coming.  I would love to use my website as an RSVP, but I would be getting lots of "maybes" I am sure.  So just not worrying too much about it.  No matter what, if you have over 35 people you will have to pay overage, and I do believe already we do.  But also just talking to the people I have invited gives me a clearer picture and shortens the "maybe" list.  



JG Corona- Look back through the thread...many brides have provided pictures of all the reception locations and also ceremony things.  It is so helpful as yes, they do not respond very timely! :) 

The Bar Higuey seems to be the best location for a reception, and I do believe every package includes a reception for up to the number of guests included in that package, if that makes sense.  Once you go over, you pay $50 extra/person.  


Does anyone know if children are allowed in Bar Higuey for the reception? I see where the convention center is "adults only" but was that just the case previously before BBPD became all one large resort instead of three separate?  I have about 8 kids in my wedding group and do not want them left out of any of it. I am getting ready to make my deposit for the wedding/reception so hoping to know before then! 

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BBPD is the family resort and BBD is the adults only resort. I don't see anything that says you can't have children there. And it wouldn't even make sense since the Bar-Higuey is a private reception anyways. My son is 8 and will be there. No exceptions.



The DJ is not included in any of the packages. That is an extra cost. The Bar- Higuey is included in the Strawberry Package and the Tangerine Package.

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Natalie: Our wedding is May 18, 2013 and I just sent out my Save the Dates (see below) today =) I choose to go with magnets because the concept of the STD is for them to do just that, save the date. So I wanted to be sure they were in a place that it was always seen as a reminder to get it together and start putting some pennys away LOL. What better place than a refrigerator, we all love food. My invitations wont go out til about 3-4 months in advance but will only go to those who have shown a real interest in going and have made their deposits. I opted not to reserve a bulk of rooms through our TA for a discount because I dont want to be on the hook if I dont have enough people going. So my TA at liberty travel is organizing it and is allowing my guests to put $50 non refundable deposit down and pay it little by little over the next year. I also have created a wedding website. Your more than welcome to take a look if you want some ideas www.edgardandtamara.com. The wedding website is free to create on theknot.com. Its $20 for the year to purchase the domain so its a bit more personalized like mine instead and lot shorter then the generic one.


As far as the DJ as Octbride previously stated its not included in any of the packages and is $488 for 3 hours.



P.S. WOOHOOO!!! I can FINALLY upload pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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