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I just started doing my passport invites and am running into printing issues also.  I have a great laser color printer at work and am using champagne metallic paper from paperandmore.  The first page came out perfect, the second page looked like the ink cartridge was running out.  I need to play around some more.

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Skp1- have you tried printing on a Inkjet printer? this is the only printer that worked for the metallic cardstock i got from paperandmore........the laser one printed but the ink doesnt sink in......it literaly rubs right off......the INkjet works great!!

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I just have to say you have totally inspired me!!! I love the way your passport invites turned out! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I wrote down your directions and am so excited about it!!elefant.gif

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Thanks, I have an ink jet at home that I'll have to try.  But I only have about 10 extra sheets of paper so I have to be careful!


The next challenge is the colored paper - I bought navy metallic for the covers and nothing shows up on that.  I think I may take those to Office Depot or something to print because I'll never get that to work.  But it shouldn't be too expensive considering its only the covers and there are 2 per page.

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Good job on these Maria!!

Originally Posted by Bride2B22 View Post

Hey Dolls! I want to thank all of the wonderful ladies who shared their invites and all of the advice on how to make them! I have a special thanks for LadyDi who was gracious enough to answer so many of my questions, especially about the printing of these damn things!!! This was a very tedious project for sure! but so worth it in the end. I couldn't see myself paying a professional 6-7 dollars per invite! I had about 70 to make which would've cost me almost $500 bucks! I believe i spend about $230 overall....but this includes all of the hardware (rotary paper trimers, round corner punch, etc) and i also have a bunch of paper and cardstock leftover that i will be using for other wedding projects such as menus and programs. 


Here is a list of the items i used.


Aylee's Passport Template- $10....http://www.ayleebits.com/2009/03/09/passport-invitation-template/ ----I ended up not using the microsoft word version, instead i copied the background watermark and created a template using Photoshop. PS had so many different options for colors and fonts that certainly helped! 


Passport Cover- for the covers we used Pink Azalea Metallic Cardstock 105#, 8 1/2 x 11 from paperandmore.com- it was about $31 for a pack of 100- I only needed about 40 so now i have a good amount left over for my other projects! 


Inside pages- I used White Card Stock 74# (110# Index), 8 1/2 x 11 from paperandmore.com- it was about $10 for a pack of 100- I still have some left over as i only needed about 70 sheets. 


Fiskars 12" round paper trimmer- about $25 at Joanns- originally $40 but had a 40% off discount!


Fiskars Corner Punch- round- This was about $7 at Joanns


A2 Orange Flame Metallic Envelopes, 4 3/8" x 5 3/4" from paperandmore.com- $11.99 per 50 pack.


I bought some Zig brand adhesives that did not work too well with the heavy cardstock...and in the end i did not have the patience to deal with mini glue dots, therefore i ended up stapling them and it looked just fine to me! haha....


My RSVPs were from vistaprint. I got them all for free!! 


There are other items used but i can't remember right now lol.....I worked really hard on these, my brother helped with PS because he is very skilled, and my sister who is my MOH helped with the printing and assembling. Overall this was truly a labor of love and it was a bitter sweet moment mailing these out!! I really had a hard time letting go of them haha


FYI the passport has 8 pages- I only took pics of a few of them!


Here are a few pics- I hope you ladies love them as much as i do! Now off to tackle other wedding projects!!! cheers.gif













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